Albert Waldstein Anime
Albert Waldstein
 Japanese アルバート・ヴァルトシュテイン
 Romaji Arubaato Varutoshutein
 Alias Mercenary King (傭兵王 Youheiou)
 Nickname Sword Champion (剣の覇者 Ken no Hasha)
Eusebius (オイゼビウス Oizebiusu)
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Hair Color Black
• Professional Status•
 Occupation Adventurer
• Personal Status•
 Status Deceased
 Relative(s) Aria (wife)
Ais Wallenstein (daughter)
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Sword Oratoria Volume 1 (dream)
 Manga Sword Oratoria Chapter 5 (dream)
 Anime Sword Oratoria Episode 4 (dream)

Albert Waldstein (アルバート・ヴァルトシュテイン) is Ais Wallenstein's father and the protagonist of Dungeon Oratoria.


Albert is shown to be a young man with black hair. He wears a maroon scarf, light armor, and wields a silver longsword.


Albert cared for Aria and Ais as he hoped that Ais would meet her own hero in the future. He had a habit of training alone as he was embarrassed to do so in front of others but always conceded to his wife when asked. He could become absorbed in training, even if he was troubled moments before.


Albert lived with Aria and Ais long before the start of the story until their battle against the One Eyed Black Dragon, during which he lost his life to injure its eye and drive it away.


Skilled Swordsman: Albert was incredibly skilled with the sword, enough to be nicknamed Sword Champion. Ais described his swordsmanship as beautiful and likened it to using a takt as he kept movement with the lower half of his body to a minimum while he freely swung his sword.


  • Albert was also referred to with a variant of his name, Albert (アルベルト).
  • Albert's name is most likely derived from Albrecht Wallenstein, who was also known by the surname Waldstein. In addition, both have Eusebius as a part of their name.