DanMachi Volume 10 359
 Japanese アステリオス
 Romaji Asuteriosu
• Characteristics•
 Race Xenos
 Gender Male
 Hair Color Black
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Xenos
 Level 7 (estimate)
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Volume 8 (mentioned)
Volume 10 (actual)

Asterius (アステリオス) is a Black Minotaur Xenos.


Asterius' appearance is the same as a normal Minotaur although he has black hair instead of the usual brown.


Asterius was originally the Minotaur that Ottar trained for Bell to fight. It was unintentionally released and ultimately defeated by the boy.


Volume 10Edit

A while after the incident with the Ikelos Familia, Gros had the other Xenos assemble for an emergency meeting, informing them of what happened to Ranye's group and breaking their communication stone with Fels in the process. Many of the Xenos, including those in Lyd's group, were infuriated by the news, unable to bear the treatment they received from the Humans any longer. Lyd tried to reason with him but was talked down, causing Gros to leave with most of the Xenos. Giving in to his anger, Lyd ordered the remaining Xenos to come with him, and ordered Arles to fetch "him" from the village they had originally planned to go to.

Back at the battlefield, Asfi was horrified the scene in front of her, all members other than Ryuu and Aisha annihilated by the Black Minotaur Xenos. The three of them proceeded to fight the Minotaur, though Aisha and Asfi were quickly defeated by the monster, leaving Ryuu to fight the Xenos on her own. While fighting the Xenos, Ryuu felt that the Minotaur was simply trying to prove that it was the strongest, having an intense desire to win. After a while, jut as it was about to bring its double bladed axe on her, the Xenos heard the cry of a monster from within the forest, ignoring her and leaving her behind to join it.

Escaping through the various passageways in Knossos, Dix cursed both Bell and the Xenos, claiming that he would exact revenge on him for all the damage they've caused. However, at that moment, he felt a chill run down his spine. A Black Minotaur Xenos appeared in front of him in the passageway, and before he could cast Phobetor Daedalus, the Xenos killed him in one hit with its axe.

At the edge of the battle, Welf tried to go and help Bell, however Lili stopped him, fearing what would happen to the Hestia Familia. Hestia heard their argument and told them to go, mentioning that she would take all the blame for it by claiming that she forced her own Familia to help the monsters all for entertainment purposes. Before they could do anything, Asterius appeared, knocking many of the adventurers in the area unconscious with its howl, then proceeded to fight a serious Tione, easily withstanding her anger powered attacks.

The following night, Asterius rested in an abandoned building on the outskirts of Orario, still searching for something.

Volume 11Edit

At the north eastern side of Daedalus Street, Cassandra was busy carrying two wooden boxes through the area, yet dropped them when Daphne called out to her from behind, revealing an Almiraj and a Hellhound. Daphne was shocked by the appearance of the two monsters, forcing Cassandra to explain that as she had seen a nightmare with her precognition, she went to the spot specified in her dream to get the charm to prevent it, only to find the two of them there, injured from the battle that occurred five days earlier, and had taken care of them ever since. Despite this, Daphne tried to kill them, only for Asterius to arrive, who attempted to kill them. Fortunately, Arles and the Hellhound convinced Asterius to leave them alone, and left along with him.


  • According to Asterius, he named himself Asterius, meaning lightning, because of the crimson lightning he saw at the end of his dream, which was Bell's Firebolt he used during their battle in volume 3.
  • Asterius is the name of the Minotaur of Crete in Greek mythology.


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