Volume 7Edit


In the dungeon, the members of the Hestia Familia were finishing up the quests they had taken. As they finished gathering what they needed, they fought the monsters that had gathered, and ran when another party tried to Pass Parade them.

That night, at the Ishtar Familia home, Ishtar expressed her displeasure, wondering why Freya ruled over the city from the top of Babel instead of her. However, she had a plan to bring her down, and ordered her Amazoness Familia members to do their job. Elsewhere, a Renard noted that there were only seven days left as she looked up at the moon.

Chapter 1Edit

A few days after the War Game, a notice was posted in the Guild about Bell's level up to Level 3. Many people saw it, including Bete and Tiona, and were surprised by the news. It had taken Bell only one month to reach Level 3.

Later that day, Daphne and Cassandra returned to the Apollo Familia's former home after Cassandra claimed that she knew her favorite pillow was there through a vision. Daphne didn't believe it although Bell did and went to look for it. He found it exactly where Cassandra said it would be and brought it back to her. She was grateful of Bell for believing her vision and the two leave. They later came back to join the Hestia Familia until it was revealed that Hestia owed 200,000,000 valis to Hephaestus. Daphne grabbed Cassandra and dragged her off.

Chapter 2Edit

That night, Bell, Lili, and Welf decided to follow Mikoto after she suspiciously lied about going to bed early, likely due to the information she received from Chigusa earlier in the day. As they followed her, Lili revealed that Mikoto was just like Bell in that she was bad at lying. Mikoto met up with Chigusa and headed off in a direction that Lili and Welf immediately recognized. Both of them tried to make Bell return but he had no idea what they were trying to do and commented that they were going to lose sight of Mikoto. Lili and Welf gave up and decided to just go ahead.

Once they entered the street, Bell immediately realized why Lili and Welf wanted him to return. He realized that their current location was the Entertainment District where brothels were all over the place. Welf revealed that he had come here once with his old companions from the Hephaestus Familia but thankfully didn't do anything. Lili added while fighting off women from Bell that she was fortunate enough not to end up there. She wondered if Mikoto and Chigusa were there to gather money through selling themselves though Welf disproved her thought by reminding her that Mikoto and Chigusa were too innocent to do something like that.

Bell, Lili, and Welf continued to follow the two girls around a corner and saw them surrounded by a group of Gods that were flirting with them. Welf quickly came to their aid and reminded the Gods that the night was short. The Gods agreed and left for the places they originally came for. Mikoto was surprised that the others were there, and explained to them that she and Chigusa came to try and find a friend from the Far East that had been supposedly seen in the Entertainment District. Mikoto noticed that only Lili and Welf were there and everyone realized that Bell had accidentally gotten separated.

Bell wandered through the streets looking for his companions before eventually ending up at an eastern style brothel known as Yuukaku. He had heard of the Far East from his grandfather and unconsciously entered. While inside he locked eyes for a second with a blonde haired green eyed Renard. At that moment someone recognized him and he found Hermes standing right next to him. Hermes misunderstood as to why Bell was there and decided that he was of age and interested in women. Bell desperately tried to convince Hermes to no use with Hermes even asking if Bell wanted to know how to pick out girls. Hermes told Bell not be so shy and promised not to tell Hestia while handing him a small transparent chess piece shaped container filled with aphrodisiac. He then ran off and Bell followed after to try and clear up the misunderstanding and return the aphrodisiac.

As Bell chased after Hermes around a corner, he almost ran into Aisha. Bell tried to run but Aisha stopped him and pulled him close to her, remarking that he had a face that turned her on. Other Amazonesses crowded around and tried to take him after they recognized him but Aisha declared that he was hers before dragging him off to the Ishtar Familia home, the Belit Babili. Once there the Aisha and the crowd of Amazonesses look Bell over as Ishtar arrived and wondered what was happening. The Amazonesses tried to hide him so Ishtar wouldn't take him but she rejected him saying that she had a guest coming already. Once Ishtar left, Aisha and the others try to resume what they started but this time Phryne Jamil appeared and demanded that they hand Bell over to her. They refused and got into an argument before they decided that whoever caught Bell first would take him.

Bell ran through the streets of the Entertainment District with the Ishtar Familia Amazonesses after him. He ran through a few more streets and ended up back at Yuukaku but didn't have any more time to go anywhere. Bell ran in to hide and accidentally ended up in Haruhime's room. Haruhime mistakenly assumed that he was her customer and stripped to her underwear before trying to strip his shirt. The second she saw his collar bones she fainted, falling on top of Bell and fortunately hiding him from view from two Amazonesses that came looking for him. Haruhime came back to her senses a while later and apologized after dressing herself. The two started talking and quickly found out that both of them liked fairy tales and hero stories. However, Haruhime told Bell that she wasn't worthy of dreaming of such stories as she was a prostitute, an enemy to any hero. She apologized to him and helped him escape from the Entertainment District.

After leaving Bell in the Entertainment District, Hermes arrived at his destination which turned out to be Ishtar's room, delivering something that she wanted. While there, Ishtar asked Hermes if he knew any weaknesses Freya may have. He tried to keep his mouth shut but was forcefully charmed by her and the information about Bell was forced out of him. Ishtar took an interest in Bell who Freya had her eye on and decided to take the boy from her.

Chapter 3Edit

The following day, Hestia demanded an explanation as to why Bell didn't come home until morning. Mikoto tried to explain the situation but Hestia silenced her and asked him if he slept with any woman. He denied the accusation but couldn't say anything when Lili showed him the aphrodisiac they found on him. While Hestia knew that he was telling the truth, she still gave him the punishment of working around Orario for the day doing jobs for people.

One of the jobs that he did was fixing the Hostess of Fertility dormitory after being stopped by Arnya and Lunoire. Chloe jokingly offered him her panties when he finished to which Bell politely refused while red faced. Ryuu hit the three of them over the head and dragged them off to let Bell work. After he finished, he was greeted by Syr and Ryuu who offered him lunch at the Hostess of Fertility. He was about to accept when Syr smelled the scent of the Entertainment District and he knew he would be in trouble if she recognized the scent. Bell quickly ran off leaving the two of them surprised.

Bell eventually ended up at the Guild and decided to ask Eina about Haruhime and the Ishtar Familia. She told him that the Ishtar Familia seemed to be stronger than their levels suggested and because of that several Familias had complained. However, the levels reported turned out to be correct and the Ishtar Familia received a large sum of money from the Guild as compensation, later crushing those Familias. With this information, Bell asked Mikoto about Haruhime. She told him not worry about it although he knew she would try something on her own to not get Bell into trouble again.

At the Ishtar Familia home, Ishtar ordered her Familia members to kidnap Bell without the Freya Familia noticing, ordering them to do it in the dungeon. Around the same time, upon returning to her room at the top of Babel, Freya ordered Ottar to pour her wine. Ottar asked her if anything happened to which she asked if he hadn't heard from Mia. Ottar replied that he hadn't and Freya explained that Hermes had spilled the information on Bell to Ishtar. He asked whether it was necessary to put Bell under their care for a while but Freya wanted to have them spy on the Entertainment District first and that she would return to the Freya Familia home for the time being.

Chapter 4Edit

The next day, a quest came to the Hestia Familia, supposedly from the merchants for a reward of 1,000,000 valis, however the members were unsure of whether to take it. Later that day, Hermes arrived at the Hestia Familia home and asked Bell if anything happened to him, such as a group of Amazonesses chasing him. He also offered to listen to any troubles they may have and took Bell and Mikoto to the Wishe Café. The two of them told Hermes about Haruhime and their attempts to take her back. Hermes thought about it for a moment and suggested buying her from the Ishtar Familia. Both of them agreed to it but were shocked when they were told that the price was around 3,000,000 valis. Hermes asked about who they were trying to free and was surprised when he heard that it was a Renard. Despite going against his methods, he revealed to them that he transported an item known as a Killing Stone and left. In the end, the Hestia Familia decided to take the quest for money to free Haruhime, and the group traveled down to the dungeon only to be ambushed by the Ishtar Familia. Lili and Welf were separated as Bell and Mikoto were captured.

Chapter 5Edit

Both Bell and Mikoto were supposed to be taken back to the Ishtar Familia home, however Phryne disobeyed Ishtar's orders and made off with Bell with the intent to "eat" him. Fortunately Haruhime rescued him and helped him escape once again. Near the outskirts they met up with Mikoto who asked her if the ritual with the Killing Stone was true. At that point, Aisha arrived to take back Haruhime and also explained it to them. They couldn't believe it and Aisha told Bell that he didn't look like someone that could throw everything away to save some, leaving with Haruhime. Bell and Mikoto retreated for a little while and decided to rescue Haruhime no matter what the cost was.

Inside of the Freya Familia home Folkvangr, a Human Familia member named Helun reported to her about the results of the spying team. She reported that Ottar was leading the team from the Daedaelus Street while Allen, Grer, and the others were infiltrating inside the Entertainment District. Freya was pleased with the report and stroked Helun's face, causing her to blush. She tried to hide her red face by leaving the room.

While spying from within the Entertainment District, Allen used an Human from the Ishtar Familia that did jobs for him. She reported that Bell had been captured to which he cursed him for being caught by prostitutes. The Human asked Allen if she could be his woman due to her helping him. Allen told her that there was no way he would ever fall in love with a dirty and disgusting prostitute, breaking her heart. He tried to leave when the woman began throwing things in the room at him. He dodged them all and pressed the tip of his short sword against her throat, telling her to shut up. Allen left her alone in the room to meet up with the rest of the spying members.

After Bell and Mikoto were kidnapped by the Ishtar Familia, Takemikazuchi and several members of his Familia arrived at the Hestia Familia home. They discussed the reason behind their kidnapping and ultimately came to the conclusion that it probably had something to do with Haruhime. At that point Hestia remembered what Bell had said and told Takemikazuchi about the Killing Stone. He was shocked and demanded to know if she was telling the truth. Takemikazuchi told her that the Killing Stone was an illegal magic item created from a Tamamo Stone and Tobi Stone, which in turn were created from a dead baby Renard and a stone called Lunatic Light. He further explained that a Killing Stone took the soul from a Renard and allowed whoever wielded it to use their power. While the soul could be sent back to the original body, the Killing Stone could break and if that happened there wouldn't be any guarantees if the Renard's whole soul would return. Takemikazuchi finished by saying that the Killing Stone ritual would happen on the night of the full moon, which was exactly that night.

Chapter 6Edit

Bell and Mikoto split up to attack the Ishtar Familia home. Bell would attract as much as he could to himself while Mikoto would rescue Haruhime. Bell forced his way through the main entrance using Firebolt and led as many of the Amazonesses away from Mikoto as possible. However, while running he encountered Phryne and Aisha. He tried to run and fight against Phryne but was quickly overpowered and surrounded by Aisha and her Berberas. Ishtar appeared and ordered the Amazonesses to go to the Killing Stone while she dealt with Bell. Bell and Ishtar argued over Haruhime on how she was treated which. She ordered Tammuz to hold Bell down while she stripped, intent on making Bell her own. However, she was shocked when she saw that he was unaffected by her charm. She ordered Tammuz to uncover his status and saw the effects of Liaris Freese on his back. Bell took advantage of the opportunity to run away while Ishtar was shocked, causing her to order Tammuz to catch him. Unfortunately for her, Ishtar's actions trigged Freya's wrath, causing her to gather her Familia members to invade the Ishtar Familia's territory.

Once the invasion started, Welf and the others also entered the area. Welf and Ouka made their way through the Ishtar Familia home to try and find Bell or Mikoto.

While her Familia attacked the entertainment district, Freya walked through without hindrance. Two Familia members reported the situation to her, reporting that they had surrounded the entertainment distract, with Ottar's group deep inside enemy territory. She listened to their report and told them to join the battle. They were worried for her safety, however Freya told them that she didn't need any bodyguards. The two Familia members nodded and left for the battle. Freya herself made her way to the Ishtar Familia home. She sensed someone looking down at her. Looking up, she locked eyes with Ishtar, causing Ishtar to become pale faced.

After Mikoto's battle against Samira, Ottar saved her life by pouring elixirs on her while commending her for her bravery. However, Allen thought it was a complete waste of time, telling him to leave the girl while glaring at him with cold eyes. The Gulliver Brothers also took advantage of the situation to inform Ottar that while they would destroy the enemy, they wouldn't save Bell. Allen, Hogni, and Hedin also agreed with their words. Ottar didn't mind it although he made sure to tell them to not let Ishtar escape.

Hermes watched the destruction from above along with Asfi. Asfi wondered if Hermes knew this would happen but he simply told her that Ishtar's jealousy and Freya's love far surpassed what he believed them to be. Hermes declared that he would help Bell become a hero and promised Zeus that he would do it. Hermes noticed Freya looking in his direction and quickly left the area before anything happened to him. As he left, he silently told Zeus that he would bet everything on the white light.

Chapter 7Edit

Ottar's group proceeded to effortlessly wipe out the Amazonesses inside of the Ishtar Familia home. Hegni used his black sword to cut his opponents while Hedin used powerful short chant magic. On another floor, the Gulliver Brothers used their combination to take down their enemies, destroying stairways as they went. On a different floor, Welf and Ouka made their way through the building to try and find Bell or Mikoto. They encountered a bloody Amazoness that tried to fight them, though at that moment Allen smashed down a wall to join the battle. Allen told the Amazoness to quit wasting his time and smashed her through the wall on the other side of the hallway. He then noticed the other two, noticing that Welf was a smith. Allen told Welf that someone like him should just go play with metal and left.

As she watched the Freya Familia attack, Ishtar ordered her Familia members to report to her. Even though she was panicking, she calmly tried to think about why Freya was attacking her. She ultimately came to the conclusion of Bell, something which really shocked her. Ishtar didn't think that Freya would actually attack over someone like Bell. At that moment she noticed that everything had become silent. She turned to look and saw Freya approaching her. Freya addressed her, telling her that she came to bid her farewell. Ishtar quickly ordered two Familia members near her to hold her back, however Freya took care of both of them with a glance and a smile. Frightened, Ishtar ran away from Freya and up the stairway.

Bell made his way down to the Killing Stone ritual area and destroyed the Killing Stone to save Haruhime. Phryne ordered the Amazonesses to attack Bell, however Haruhime assisted him by using Uchide no Kozuchi to raise his level. With his strength at Level 4 or higher, Bell went on a rampage against the Barbelas and fought them back, even managing to land a hit on Phryne. However, Phryne became enraged that he injured her face and decided to kill him. The two fought for a while until Ottar appeared which allowed Bell to run back to the ritual area where Haruhime was located. Immediately, Allen, Hegni, Hedin, and the Gulliver Brothers appeared to finish her off. Phryne made the fatal mistake of insulting Freya and bought the rage of all eight of them, consequently being assaulted by all of them and left for dead. Phryne survived the attack though she was traumatized by the experience.

Once there he found Aisha next to Haruhime. She questioned Bell's determination to save Haruhime and decided to test it. Bell let the effects of the Uchide no Kozuchi leave his body before facing Aisha. The two fought for a while before Bell won with a point blank Firebolt. After confirming that he won, Bell walked over to Haruhime and helped her up. He sensed someone staring at him and saw Freya staring at him from the main building of the Ishtar Familia home. Freya mouthed that she loved him before disappearing from his view.

Freya called out to Ishtar as she followed her which increased Ishtar's fear even further, Eventually, both Goddesses reached the roof of the Ishtar Familia home, leaving Ishtar no where to run. Ishtar tried to plead for forgiveness, however Freya wouldn't have any of it this time. She told her that Bell was hers and that if any Goddess tried to do anything, she would get rid of them. Freya then told her that she would crush her, getting rid of any chance for Ishtar's forgiveness.

Ishtar continued to plead for forgiveness while Tammuz managed to climb to the other side of the roof. She tried to negotiate with Freya by offering to tell her why their charm didn't work on him. Freya commented that it would make it worthwhile to make Bell her own, though she didn't want to hear it from Ishtar. Ishtar tried to have him take Freya down. However, Freya turned around as if she knew he was there and charmed him, telling him to leave them alone. He obeyed her order and left. As she watched him leave, she knew that Freya had overwritten her charm. Furious, Ishtar demanded to know what the difference between them was, to which Freya answered with character.

Freya's answer angered Ishtar even further, causing her to attack Freya herself. However, Freya spun around as Ishtar reached her, causing her to go right past her. Ishtar managed to stop herself though her fear grew as Freya approached from behind. As Ishtar turned around, Freya pushed her, forcing her further off balance. Freya pushed her twice and reached the edge. Ishtar tried to plead for forgiveness one last time but was cut off as Freya slapped her face with her left hand. Her body lost balance and fell off the roof, ultimately smashing into the ground forty floors below. Immediately, Ishtar's Arcanum worked to preserve her life. Freya saw this and snapped her fingers, turning Ishtar into a pillar of light and forcing her back to heaven. She then looked over at Bell and mouthed "I love you" to him before leaving.


The Freya Familia dealt severe damage to the Ishtar Familia. The entertainment district that the Ishtar Familia controlled was mostly destroyed and all of the Familia members were injured. In addition, the Ishtar Familia was dissolved due to Ishtar being sent back to heaven, as she was pushed off the top of her forty floor Familia home and forced to use her Arcanum to preserve her life. Later on the Freya Familia was given harsh penalties for the damage caused to the city during the invasion but Freya didn't seem to be worried by it.