DanMachi Chapter 37
To the Top
 Japanese 高みへ
 Romaji Takami he
 Pages 18
 Release Date June 19, 2015
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To the Top (高みへ) is the thirty seventh chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Bell signaled to Ais and used Firebolt against the young Cat People man and the four pallums. The magic had no effect but caused the enemy forces to retreat.

Bell discovered the next day at the Guild that Ais had reached Level 6. Eina and Misha explained to him how Ais had defeated a lower floor Monster Rex on her own. Despressed, Bell left the Guild only to be caught by Syr. Syr tricked him into coming to the Hostess of Fertility and do the dishes in her place. Arnya and Chloe teased him but he decided to work to repay the lunches he was given every day. Ryuu instructed him on how to level up while helping him with the dishes. Syr worried for him as he left but he assured her that he would be fine.

The next morning, Bell and Ais met at the wall to do their last day of training. Bell knew that Ais had gotten much farther than before but was still determined to catch up.