DanMachi Chapter 45
 Japanese 決着
 Romaji Kecchaku
 Pages 17
 Release Date November 5, 2015
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Conclusion (決着) is the forty fifth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


In the dungeon, Bell attacked the Minotaur with his newly acquired large sword. He fought against the monster with all the strength he had though the Minotaur also fought equally. Bell managed to land a hit to the Minotaur's side and sent it back.

The Minotaur, sensing that it was having a tough time, bent down to charge at Bell. Both sides clashed at the same time, however the sword shattered against the Minotaur's horn. The shattered sword didn't discourage him as he stabbed the Minotaur using his Hestia Knife. Bell repeatedly cast Firebolt through the wound, destroying the monster from the inside. The members of the Loki Familia were shocked that he defeated the Minotaur by himself.