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DanMachi OVA
Is it Wrong to Expect a Hot Spring in the Dungeon?
 Japanese ダンジョンに温泉を求めるのは間違っているだろうか
 Romaji Danjon ni Onsen wo Motomeru no ha Machigatteru Darouka
 Volume Anime Original
 Air Date December 7, 2016
• Theme Songs•
 Opening Hey World
 Ending Kimi to Boku no Ichinichi
• Anime Chronology•
 Previous Episode 13

Is it Wrong to Expect a Hot Spring in the Dungeon? (ダンジョンに温泉を求めるのは間違っているだろうか) is a special OVA episode of the DanMachi anime.


  • Special Case with design by Yasuda Suzuhito
  • 8 page book
  • Special CD: Hestia's Character Song Kimi to Boku no Ichinichi
  • Audio Commentary
  • Non Credit Ending


After their battle with the Black Goliath, Bell and the others find a hot springs like place on their way back to the surface, and decide to take a break there...







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