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Development Abilities (発展アビリティ) are special abilities that have a chance of appearing every level up starting from Level 2.


Development Abilities are different from Basic Abilities in the sense that they are characteristics specializing in a certain area. Starting from Level 2, there is a chance of gaining one every level up. There is also the chance of one not appearing at level up, or multiple appearing to choose from. Bell's Luck, Ais' Swordsmanship, Abnormal Endurance, and Hunter, Welf's Blacksmith, and Riveria's Mage are examples of choosing from multiple Development Abilities. Like Basic Abilities, Development Abilities are also categorized from I to S, though they are much harder to train.


Name User Effect Debut
Blacksmith (鍛冶) Welf Crozzo
Tsubaki Collbrande
Enables the user to add special abilities to their creations DanMachi Volume 2
Abnormal Resistance (耐異常) Bell Cranel
Ais Wallenstein
Negates the effect of abnormalities such as poison. At Rank G, it can negate almost everything. It is easily obtainable early on by being exposed to the Purple Moth's poison. DanMachi Volume 2
Mage (魔導) Riveria Ljos Alf
Lefiya Viridis
Improves power, widens effect range, and makes mind usage efficient. Creates magic circles under the user that support the magic DanMachi Volume 2
Mystery (神秘) Asfi Al Andromeda
Allows the user to activate a miracle and create magic items DanMachi Volume 2
Hunter (狩人) Ais Wallenstein
Ryuu Lion
Bete Loga
Improves abilities against monsters that the user has fought before and gained exilia from. It can only be obtained at Level 2 and requires the user to have killed many monsters in a short period of time, making it difficult to obtain DanMachi Volume 4
Luck (幸運) Bell Cranel Improves luck. Hestia speculates that it is close to divine protection DanMachi Volume 4
Mixing (調合) Naaza Erisuis Improves quality when creating medicine such as potions DanMachi Volume 4
Magic Resistance (魔防) Ryuu Lion
Bete Loga
Riveria Ljos Alf
DanMachi Volume 6 Booklet
Swordsman (剣士) Ais Wallenstein Sword Oratoria Volume 1
Spirit Healing (精癒) Riveria Ljos Alf
Ais Wallenstein
Automatic mind regeneration. Begins regenerating mind at a small rate after magic use Sword Oratoria Volume 3
Fist Strike (拳打) Tione Hiryute
Tiona Hiryute
Bete Loga
Sword Oratoria Volume 3
Diving (潜水) Tione Hiryute
Tiona Hiryute
Enables the user to swim as good as fish when underwater and also increases the power of physical attacks. Its effects are comparable to Undine Cloth but is geared more toward underwater battles. This ability is essential for members of the Poseidon Familia. It is said to be a rare ability and is easier to obtain for people who work at the sea Sword Oratoria Volume 3
Crush (破砕) Tiona Hiryute
Gareth Landrock
Sword Oratoria Volume 3
Healing Power (治力) Tione Hiryute Sword Oratoria Volume 4
Metalworking (彫金) Asfi Al Andromeda DanMachi Volume 10 Booklet
Treatment (治療) Cassandra Ilion
Riveria Ljos Alf
DanMachi Volume 10 Booklet
Strong Defense (堅守) Gareth Landrock Sword Oratoria Volume 7
Escape (逃走) Chloe Rollo
Bell Cranel
Increases the user's speed when running away. It can only be obtained at Level 4 and above, making it a rare ability, though it is also known as a "dishonorable ability" due to its requirement Familia Chronicle Episode Ryuu
Fist Fighter (拳士) Lunoire Faust Familia Chronicle Episode Ryuu
Initiative (先制) Finn Deimne Sword Oratoria Volume 8
Chain Attack (連攻) Finn Deimne Sword Oratoria Volume 8
Spearman (槍士) Finn Deimne Finn can only use Spearman through his skill when he is wielding a spear Sword Oratoria Volume 8

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