Items in DanMachi and Sword Oratoria range from food to equipment used in battle to Grimoires used to learn magic.


While most items don't require any special abilities to create, like food, items that require specialized work do require them. As an example, normal smiths can create equipment without any problems, but those who have the Blacksmith development ability can smith more complex and powerful equipment. Craftsmen such as pharmacists and smiths are likely to gain development abilities to help their trade, which in turn can bring them better success.

Special items known as magic items (魔道具(マジックアイテム)) and curse weapons (呪道具(カースウェポン)) require the creator to have the Mystery development ability, and certain magic items such as Grimoires also require another ability, in this case Mage. In addition, people that that make curse weapons are known as hexers (呪術師(ヘクサー)).


Name Description Price Debut
Created by adding spices to crushed potatoes and fried after adding an outer skin 30 DanMachi Volume 01
Dagger (短刀) A 20 cm dagger issued by the Guild to new adventurers. It is also the weakest in strength 3,600 DanMachi Volume 01
Potion (回復薬(ポーション)) Restores the user's health 500 DanMachi Volume 01
Pasta (パスタ) Hostess of Fertility's pasta 300 DanMachi Volume 01
Hestia Knife
Created by using a strand of Hestia's hair and blood. It has the same status as the wielder and can only be wielded by a member of the Hestia Familia. It is to be paid off on a 35 year loan with 420 payments 200,000,000 DanMachi Volume 01
Pyonkichi MK-II
Created by Welf Crozzo. It uses Metal Rabbit Fur as one of its materials 9,900 DanMachi Volume 02
Green Supporter
A gift from Eina Tulle. It can also act as a shield though its durability is lower, and can store a dagger or short sword 7,700 DanMachi Volume 02
Elixir (エリクサー) Medicine that can cure all 500,000 (highest quality) DanMachi Volume 02
Jagamarukun Azuki Cream Flavor
Jagamarukun with Azuki Cream flavor 80 for 2 DanMachi Volume 02
Grimoire (魔道書(グリモア)) Grimoires are spellbooks created through the use of the Mystery and Mage Development Abilities. It allows the reader to learn a magic simply by reading it. It can only be used once, and will become empty after it is read. The Grimoire that Freya left for Bell contained Firebolt At least 100,000,000 DanMachi Volume 02
High Potion
A stronger version of a potion Several ten thousand DanMachi Volume 02
Magic Potion
A citrus colored potion that can restore mind 8,700 DanMachi Volume 02
Soma (神酒) Only the failed version is sold in stores 60,000 (failed) DanMachi Volume 02
Little Ballista
Made by the Goibniu Familia specifically for Pallums. It is stronger than it looks and can rapid fire DanMachi Volume 02
Supporter Glove
Gloves designed to protect skin while removing magic stones from monsters. Many different colors are available DanMachi Volume 02
Poison Bag (毒袋) Created from the poison taken from the Purple Moth Wing. Works faster than the original and can cause weak monsters to become poisoned DanMachi Volume 03
A baselard that was decorated in Bom Cornwall's shop. It is actually of good quality 19,000 DanMachi Volume 03
Salamander Wool
Created by imbuing a cloak with a Salamander's magic power. It protects against fire and the cold 87,000 (with coupon) DanMachi Volume 04
Ushiwakamaru (牛若丸) A crimson blade created from half of the Minotaur's Horn and also has a slight fire element. It is also called Minotan DanMachi Volume 04
Large Sword (大刀) A large single edge sword. It has no name DanMachi Volume 04
Kinagashi (着流し) Smith clothes that protects against fire and the heat but has a weak defense. Welf wears armor over it DanMachi Volume 04
Airgetlam (銀の腕) A silver arm that is polished like a blade. It is made to look like an arm but has gems in the joints that allow one to see through DanMachi Volume 04
Dual Potion
Restores both health and mind Several ten thousand DanMachi Volume 04
Urga (大双刃) Created by the Goibniu Familia. It is created from top quality adamantite from the deep floors. Its power, durability, and weight are top class 120,000,000 Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Created by the Goibniu Familia. It has the unbreakable Durandal element and is slightly weaker than a first class weapon. It is also one of the few weapons that can stand Ais Wallenstein's techniques 99,000,000 Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Flosvirt (フロスヴィルト) Created by the Hephaestus Familia from mithril and ingots with high magic conductivity. It can temporarily absorb the power of magic to strengthen attacks 93,000,000 Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Cadmus Spring Water
Spring water from the 51st floor that is guarded by the Cadmus. The amount of spring water that is available at the spring is limited. Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Special Color Magic Stone (極彩色の魔石) A Magic Stone that can be obtained from Virga and Violas. It is vibrantly colored in the center and the normal violet color around it. The Guild collects these as soon as they appear to try and hide their existence Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Cadmus Hide
A drop item that can be obtained from the Cadmus. It can be used to create armor or be used in medical items. It is extremely rare due to only certain Familias being able to reach the floor required 12,000,000 (after haggling) Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Morbul (強臭袋(モルブル)) A scent bag that can keep monsters away DanMachi Volume 05
Honey Cloud (雲菓) An extremely sweet fruit found on the 18th floor DanMachi Volume 05
Dungeon Sandwich
A bread dish made from 18th floor fruits. It is one of the 18th floor's specialities DanMachi Volume 05
Hades Head
A black colored helmet with a brim that enables the user to become invisible without using health or mind DanMachi Volume 05
Alvs Lumina
A wooden sword made by the Goibniu Familia from a branch of a large holy tree growing in the Ryumilua forest DanMachi Volume 05
Burst Oil (爆炸薬(バースト・オイル)) A special throwing weapon created by Asfi Al Andromeda. A liquid weapon created from a plant called Obia Flare that grows near the volcano to the north of Orario DanMachi Volume 05
Talaria (飛翔靴(タラリア)) Asfi Al Andromeda's best creation. It allows the user to fly DanMachi Volume 05
Kazuki (火月) A magic sword created by Welf Crozzo. It is comprised of only a handle and blade DanMachi Volume 05
Status Thief (開錠薬(ステイタス・シーフ)) An illegal item created to view someone's status. It is created from a God's blood by someone with the Mystery Development Ability Sword Oratoria Volume 02
Udaeus' Black Sword
A black sword that can only be obtained from fighting one on one with the Udaeus. It was a previously unconfirmed drop with Ais being the first one to obtain it. The sword was later destroyed when Bell used it against the Black Goliath Sword Oratoria Volume 02
Forest's Teardrop
A mage weapon that raises the strength of magic. The magic stones at the end glow blue reacting to the user's magic power. The staff is created from an ore known as Seiros while Thousand Year Tree Sap is used for the magic stone 37,800,000 Sword Oratoria Volume 02
Silver Barrette
A silver hair accessory that has no defensive properties. It has an anti paralysis effect Sword Oratoria Volume 02
Sun's Flamberge
A flamberge that shines like prominence. Only Hyakinthos Clio was allowed to wield it DanMachi Volume 06
A second blade created from the other half of the Minotaur's Horn. It is longer and stronger due to being made with the Blacksmith Development Ability. It is a third class weapon DanMachi Volume 06
Pyonkichi MK-IV
The fourth version of Pyonkichi created quickly before the War Game. It is stronger than its predecessors DanMachi Volume 06
Moly (モーリュ) A plant that protects one from curses or anti status Sword Oratoria Volume 03
Cithara (竪琴) It can attract specific monsters based on the sound Sword Oratoria Volume 03
Kaenseki (火炎石) A crimson colored drop item from the monster Flame Rock that can explode when exposed to fire Sword Oratoria Volume 03
Killing Stone (殺生石(せっしょうせき)) A Renard specialty item that can host a soul within it. It is created from a Tamamo Stone and a Tobi Stone DanMachi Volume 07
Zansetsu (残雪) Yamato Mikoto's second katana that she bought from the Hephaestus Familia on Babel's 8th floor shop. It was destroyed by Samira 14,400 DanMachi Volume 07
Shinonome (東雲) Yamato Mikoto's first katana that was destroyed during the battle against the Black Goliath. It had a 90 cm blade DanMachi Volume 07
Flashbang (閃光弾) An item designed to blind the opponent DanMachi Volume 07
Smoke Ball (煙玉) An item that emits smoke DanMachi Volume 07
High Magic Potion
A high quality magic potion DanMachi Volume 07
Benikaede (紅楓) An Far East made kimono. It was bought by Aisha Belka and gifted to Sanjouno Haruhime 180,000 DanMachi Volume 07
Undine Robe
A robe imbued with the magic power of an Undine that is made from Undine Cloth. It protects against water and the heat Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Blade Rolan
A large sword with the Durandal property created by Tsubaki Collbrande Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Dual Rolan
Dual swords with the Durandal property created by Tsubaki Collbrande 108,000,000 Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Magna Alvs
Riveria Ljos Alf's silvery white staff made from mithril and Holydite that is hard enough that it can also be used as a weapon. Made by Altena after Loki ordered for it to be created, it is a First Class mage weapon of very fine quality, enough to be considered one of the five best staves in the entire world. Nine Magic Treasure Stones are embedded at the head 340,000,000 (plus the price of the Magic Treasure Stones) Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Grand Axe
Gareth Landrock main weapon Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Axe Rolan
An axe with the Durandal property created by Tsubaki Collbrande 110,000,000 Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Fortia Spear
Created by the Goibniu Familia. A spear with a golden tip. It is a first class weapon that symbolizes bravery 130,000,000 Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Spear Rolan
A spear with the Durandal property created by Tsubaki Collbrande 100,000,000 Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Zolas (ゾルアス) A pair of Kukri knives created by the Goibniu Familia. It is a first class weapon created from the Flying Dragon's Fang. It is relatively easy to make and Tione Hiryute has multiple pairs 58,000,000 Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Filuka (フィルカ) A throwing knife that works well on deep floor monsters. It is a throwing knife used by a certain Amazoness tribe that Tione Hiryute asked the Goibniu Familia to create Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Dodobass (巨黒魚(ドドバス)) A fish that is often mistaken as a monster due to its large body and warped, hard black scales 2,000 DanMachi Volume 08
Tenka (天華) An order made weapon created by the Goibniu Familia. It is a white short sword that is a pair with the female Chizan DanMachi Volume 08
Chizan (地残) An order made weapon created by the Goibniu Familia. It is a black short sword that is a pair with the male Tenka DanMachi Volume 08
Kotetsu (虎鉄) A 90 cm black and silver katana made by Welf Crozzo. The sheath is black with a tiger seal. It is created from a Lygerfang Fang and Nosteel and is a third class weapon. It is also called Shimajirou DanMachi Volume 08
Goliath Robe
A cloak created by Welf Crozzo from the Goalith's Hard Skin obtained from the Black Goliath. It is a durable cloak that can protect against middle and deep floor monster attacks DanMachi Volume 08
Pyonkichi MK-V
The fifth version of the Pyonkichi series. Welf Crozzo changed his production method for it due to it constantly breaking. It is created from Metal Rabbit Fur and Dil Adamantite. It also includes artificially lightened hard gold to improve defensive capabilities DanMachi Volume 08
Vouivre's Tear
The Vouvire's Tear is the red stone embedded in the forehead of a Vouivre. It is said to be worth a fortune DanMachi Volume 09
Alv Pure Water
Ice Water obtained from the Alv Mountains which are regarded as sacred. It is a non alcoholic drink favored by Elves DanMachi Volume 09
Akarigoke (アカリゴケ) Glowing moss that emits light. It appears starting on the 19th floor and lightens up the surrounding area DanMachi Volume 09
Gourdberry (赤漿果(ゴードベリー)) A gourd shaped fruit that can be found on the 18th floor Sword Oratoria Volume 05
Crystal Drop
An extremely rare fruit that grows on the 18th floor. It is shaped like a tear and is located in the center of a clump of crystal. It also glows with a bluish white light Sword Oratoria Volume 05
Daedalus Orb
A small orb with a D on it which is needed to open the Man Made Dungeon Knossos. It is created from the eye of one of Daedaus' descendants. It was previously taken from some Evilus members by Ryuu Lion and later given to Bell Cranel DanMachi Volume 10
Undine Cloth
Undine Cloth is special blue cloth imbued with the power of an Undine. The cloth is resistant to water based attacks and heat. It also enables the user to swim better in water and reduces water resistance and water pressure. The effects of the Undine Cloth are comparable to the Diving Development Ability. DanMachi Volume 04
Sword Oratoria Volume 06
Fairy King's Holy Robe
The robe contains the fibers of the Sacred Royal Tree in the High Elf Forest and is highly resistant to magic. The base of the robe is a dress that Riveria was wearing when she left the High Elf Forest. She originally tried to give it to Aina Tulle but it eventually turned into First Class armor Sword Oratoria Volume 06
Sword Ale
Ais's order made short sword created by the Goibniu Familia she used as a Level 1. It is made from damascus originating from the Steel Mining Country of Sharm. The sword is tough, sturdy, and is far sharper than other weapons low-class adventurers wield, though it is also heavy. It is a steel sword that emphasizes attack and endurance. 1,000,000 Sword Oratoria Volume 09
Armor Dress: Loki Custom
A Pallum's Armor Dress that was customized by Loki. As she simply modified an existing piece of armor, the cost was relatively cheap. The plate metal contains light metal and white wood, increasing its lightness and durability. 42,500 Sword Oratoria Volume 09

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