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  • I live in 'ogWarts
  • I was born on July 31
  • My occupation is Wizard
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  • Jus to want to say your profile picture looks hilarious! 

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  • He is currently level 6 not level 5 please pay attention to the Wikia about his stats.

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    • Otaku4469 wrote:
      You are wrong in your assumption Bete levelled up at the same time when Ais did take note it happened during the Expedition to the 59th floor.

      I don't think you understand what I meant there. Since Bete grew to Level 6 as Bell got to Level 2. But a month afterwards Bell grew another Level. So when I said about the same time, I refer to the short period of a few months.

      It doesn't mention how long bete had been Level 5, but it can be safe to assume that it look him 3 or 4 years too.

      Bete 3-4 Years: 1 Level

      Bell 4 Months: 3 Levels

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    • Simply put, it will take a fraction of the time for Bell to go from level 1 to 6 than it took for Bete to gain a single level.

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