Monsters (モンスター) are creatures born from the Dungeon that serve as an enemy to the world.


Monsters are born from the walls and ceilings of the dungeon and fight adventurers. They are the enemies of the people and will attack without any warning. Monsters appeared from the dungeon even before the Gods and Goddesses came from Heaven and some still live on the surface in various places, however monsters on the surface use the power of their magic stone to multiply, and so those on the surface are far weaker than the same ones inside the Dungeon.

Some monsters, through unknown means, have been reborn into an existence known as the Xenos (異端児(ゼノス)). Unlike other monsters, they are intelligent, though some are unable to talk at all. Normal monsters view them as enemies instead of allies and attack them. In order to protect themselves, in addition to becoming stronger, they eat the magic stones of monsters they defeat.

There are also certain monsters that have grown stronger than normal due to eating magic stones which are known as strengthened species (強化種). Oftentimes these monsters occur accidentally, however the monsters related to Enyo such as the Virga do it intentionally to provide them to their master.


Name Description Drop Item Floor Debut
Kobold (コボルト) A dog headed monster Kobold Nail 01-04 DanMachi Volume 01
Goblin (ゴブリン) A green and plump humanoid monster with large eyes that is considered to be the weakest monster in the Dungeon Goblin Fang 01-04 DanMachi Volume 01
Jack Bird (ジャック・バード) A rare monster that looks like a rooster with fluffy yellow green feathers. Although it isn't aggressive, it is incredibly fast, and runs away if it senses any enemies. Its drop item, which is guaranteed, is said to be worth at least 1,000,000 valis Jack Bird's Golden Egg 1 God Supporter
Dungeon Lizard (ダンジョン・リザード) A lizard monster 02-04 DanMachi Volume 01
Frog Shooter (フロッグ・シューター) A frog monster that has one large eye. It attacks by shooting out its long tongue 06 DanMachi Volume 01
War Shadow (ウォーシャドウ) A dark humanoid monster that has long arms with three claws that are sharp like knives. It is the strongest monster on the 6th Floor War Shadow's Finger Blade 06 DanMachi Volume 01
Killer Ant (キラーアント) A red ant monster with four legs and two arms. It has a hard shell and has high attack, causing it to be called a new adventurer killer. It can use pheromones to attract companions in a pinch 07 DanMachi Volume 02
Purple Moth (パープルモス) A moth monster that can spread poisonous powder. The powder can cause poison if covered multiple times Purple Moth Wing 07 DanMachi Volume 02
Needle Rabbit (ニードルラビット) A rabbit monster that has a horn on its head 07 DanMachi Volume 02
Blue Papilio (ブルー・パピリオ) A butterfly monster that has four blue see through wings. It is a rare monster. In exchange for being unable to fight, the powder secreted from its wings have the ability to heal others Blue Papilio Wing 07 DanMachi Volume 04
Orc (オーク) A huge pig headed monster that can reach three meters in height. It wears old hide at the waist like a skirt. Orc Hide 10 DanMachi Volume 02
Imp (インプ) A small demon monster 10 DanMachi Volume 03
Bad Bat (バッドバット) A dark bat monster that has sharp fangs and the ability to create sound waves that disrupt concentration 10 DanMachi Volume 03
Hard Armored (ハード・アーマード) An armadillo monster that has a hard shell but weak inside. It has the highest defensive ability on the upper floors 11 DanMachi Volume 04
Infant Dragon (インファント・ドラゴン) A small dragon that is four meters in height and has a body temperature of 150 C. It is a rare monster and similar to a Monster Rex on the upper floors where a Monster Rex doesn't appear 11 DanMachi Volume 04
Silverback (シルバーバック) A large monkey monster that is covered in white fur with silver fur down the middle. It has great arm strength 11 DanMachi Volume 01
Black Wyvern (黒ワイヴァーン) An irregular version of the Wyvern with red eyes that spawned because of Thanatos. Unlike the normal version, its body is black and covered in tough scales. Its appearance reminded Ais of the One Eyed Black Dragon 12 Sword Oratoria Volume 09
Wyvern (ワイヴァーン) A pink dragon type monster that measures 5 meters if including the tail Middle Floors Sword Oratoria Volume 09
Battle Boar (バトルボア) A giant boar monster that can reach two meters in height Middle Floors DanMachi Volume 01
Hellhound (ヘルハウンド) A dog monster that can fire flames from its mouth Hellhound Fang 13 DanMachi Volume 05
Almiraj (アルミラージ) A rabbit monster with white fur and a horn. Contrary to its looks, it likes to battle Almiraj Fur 13 DanMachi Volume 05
Dungeon Worm (ダンジョン・ワーム) A worm monster that only has teeth 13 DanMachi Volume 05
Minotaur (ミノタウロス) A cow headed humanoid monster that is one of the strongest monsters for Level 2 adventurers Minotaur Horn 15 DanMachi Volume 01
Lygerfang (ライガーファング) A tiger monster Lygerfang Fur 17 Sword Oratoria Volume 02
Goliath (ゴライアス) The Monster Rex of the 17th Floor. It has a large body that reaches seven meters and has gray skin Goliath Tooth 17 DanMachi Volume 05
Black Goliath (黒ゴライアス) An irregular version of the Goliath that spawned because of Hestia. It was born on the 18th Floor to kill Hestia and Hermes after the dungeon sensed their presence Goliath Hard Skin 18 DanMachi Volume 05
Bugbear (バグベアー) A bear monster that is faster than it looks Bugbear Nail 19 Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Venenthes (ヴェネンテス) A pitcher plant like monster whose main body is under the flap. The Venenthes main body is yellow green with patches of vibrant color while the rest is red. It has one eye and a crown like appendage above it that it uses to launch its sound wave. Like the Violas, it reacts to magic. Its strength is around a Level 4 and is used to protect areas 18
Deep Floors
Sword Oratoria Volume 05
Lizardman (リザードマン) A lizard man monster Lizardman Nail 19 Sword Oratoria Volume 02
Firebird (炎鳥(ファイアーバード)) A rare bird type monster that attacks using fire 19 DanMachi Volume 09
Vouivre (ヴィーヴル) Vouivre are female humanoid dragon monsters. They have a red stone in their forehead known as the Vouvire's Tear Vouivre's Tear 19-24 DanMachi Volume 09
Mammoth Fool (マンモス・フール) Mammoth Fool are large monsters six to seven meters tall with dark red fur and long, curved, spear like tusks 19-24 DanMachi Volume 13
Gun Libellula (ガン・リベルラ) A dragonfly monster 20 Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Swordstag (ソードスタッグ) A stag monster 20 DanMachi Volume 01
Troll (トロール) A humanoid monster 20 DanMachi Volume 01
Deadly Hornet (巨大蜂(デッドリー・ホーネット)) A large bee monster Deadly Hornet Shell 24 Sword Oratoria Volume 03
Bloody Hive (ブラッディー・ハイヴ) A seven meter long rare trap type monster that lives with Deadly Hornets. Its body resembles a pinecone and is blackish purple in color. Normally, they live in holes that Deadly Hornets can pass through, however they will burst from the wall if an adventurers walks by. It mainly attacks enemies by rendering them unable to move with a reddish yellow liquid, then spawns Deadly Hornets at a fast rate to finish them off 24 DanMachi Volume 12
Dark Fungus (ダーク・ファンガス) A mushroom monster that can scatter poisonous spores 24 Sword Oratoria Volume 03
Green Dragon (グリーンドラゴン) A dragon that protects a treasure tree. It has potential equivalent to a Level 4 adventurer 24 Sword Oratoria Volume 03
Hobgoblin (ホブ・ゴブリン) A stronger version of Goblin that can reach over two meters 24 Sword Oratoria Volume 03
Viscum (巨大花(ヴィスクム)) A huge flower monster. Originally from the deep floors, three existed on the 24th floor. They let out a rotten smell from their flower that can be likened to the smell of death 24
Deep Floors
Sword Oratoria Volume 03
Moss Huge (苔の巨人(モス・ヒュージ)) Moss Huge are rare monsters normally found on the 24th Floor. They have a body made of moss, and when attacked, they create copies without magic stones to help them escape. The irregular version encountered on the 25th Floor had a wooden frame and had the strength to destroy the dungeon's walls 24 DanMachi Volume 12
Poison Vermis (ポイズン・ウェルミス) A poisonous bug monster. The body fluid of a Poison Vermis can stop skin from decaying Lower Floors Sword Oratoria Volume 02
Raider Fish (レイダーフィッシュ) A fish type monster Raider Fish Fang 25-27
Sword Oratoria Volume 02
Harpy (半人半鳥(ハーピィ)) A monster that is a woman from the waist up and has wings the size of shields for arms. The bottom half resembles an eagle or vulture with claws. 25-27
DanMachi Volume 08
Siren (歌人鳥(セイレーン)) A monster similar to a Harpy but attacks with sound waves instead 25-27 DanMachi Volume 09
Blue Crab (金属蟹(ブルークラブ)) A crab monster that's categorized as a metal type monster. One of their claws have abnormally developed, making them a threat in battle, and they are able to move forward. Their defense is stronger than a Deadly Hornet Blue Crab Shell 25-27 DanMachi Volume 12
Aqua Serpent (大水蛇(アクア・サーペント)) A ten foot long monster with a snake head and light green scales Aqua Serpent Fin 25-27 DanMachi Volume 12
Crystal Turtle (水晶巨亀(クリスタル・タートル)) Crystal Turtles have crystals growing from their shells. They are sometimes mistaken for land so adventurers attack their destination first to make sure it isn't a monster 25-27 DanMachi Volume 12
Devil Mosquito (巨大蚊(デヴィル・モスキート)) Devil Mosquito attach themselves to adventurers and suck their blood 25-27 DanMachi Volume 12
Light Quartz (浮遊水晶(ライト・クオーツ)) Light Quartz attack their enemies with beams of light 25-27 DanMachi Volume 12
Crystaroth Urchin (クリスタロス・アーチン) Crystaroth Urchins are blue ball shaped monsters with sharp needles growing from it. They spin toward their target at high speed, destroying their surroundings with their needles, and eat their prey with its round mouth which is full of fangs 25-27 DanMachi Volume 12
Iguazu (閃燕(イグアス)) Crimson swallow monsters that are referred to as an invisible monster because of their astounding speed. They live in the cliff behind the Great Fall. As they travel at high speeds, they die on impact, though they will attack until they destroy the enemy regardless of any losses Iguazu Wing 25-27 DanMachi Volume 12
Mermaid (人魚(マーメイド)) A rare monster that has a bluish white woman's upper body, completely white eyes, green hair, and a fin for a lower body. They attack by charming adventurers by singing Mermaid Blood 25-27 DanMachi Volume 12
Merman (マーマン) Mermen are humanoid monsters covered in blue scales with webbed hands which they use to wield nature weapons. They travel in groups, with one Merman Leader (マーマン・リーダー) controlling each group, and killing the leader can disorient the others 25-27 DanMachi Volume 13
Amphisbaena (アンフィス・バエナ) The Amphisbaena is the Monster Rex of the 27th Floor, which has a spawn interval of one month. It is the only Monster Rex able to move between floors. It is estimated to be at Level 5 in terms of strength, though the Guild sets it at Level 6 due to the area being water 27 DanMachi Volume 13
Bloodsaurus (ブラッドサウルス) A red carnivorous dinosaur monster that is five meters in height 30
DanMachi Volume 04
Violas (食人花(ヴィオラス)) A man eating flower monster Deep Floors Sword Oratoria Volume 03
Power Bull (パワー・ブル) One of these was parasitized by the Jewel Fetus into a Demi Spirit that Gareth, Tione, and Tiona fought in volume 7 Deep Floors Sword Oratoria Volume 07 (mentioned)
Worm Well (大蛇の井戸(ワーム・ウェール)) Worm Wells are nicknamed Lambton (ラムトン) by adventurers. They are rare giant snake monsters 5 meters tall and 10 meters long with blue skin and three sets of amber eyes. Its head gets sharper the closer you get to the tip and its mouth is capable of opening wide enough to swallow an Orc whole. They have 18 holes on the top half of their mouth which they use to sense heat, and damaging them is the same as the monster losing its eyes. They are estimated at Level 4 and are known to be able to move between floors by digging through the ground. Because of this, although rare, they are known to wipe out parties when they appear in the lower floors Worm Well's Sharp Fang
Worm Well's Head Shell
37 DanMachi Volume 13
Spartoi (スパルトイ) A skeleton monster that is around Level 4 in strength 37 DanMachi Volume 02
Barbarian (バーバリアン) A two meter tall monster similar to the Minotaur with two large and curved horns, black skin, red hair, and yellow eyes. The Guild estimates it to have power equivalent to Level 3 and 4 adventurers Barbarian Fur 37 Sword Oratoria Volume 02
Lizardman Elite (リザードマン・エリート) A stronger version of Lizardman 37 Sword Oratoria Volume 02
Obsidian Soldier (オブシディアン・ソルジャー) A monster with an obsidian body that is strong against Magic attacks 37 Sword Oratoria Volume 02
Udaeus (ウダイオス) The Monster Rex of the 37th Floor. It has a black body and is a large version of a Spartoi. It spawns every three months. It has no lower body due to it being able to spread its attacks through the ground and also has the ability to summon Spartoi. The Udaeus Ais fought also used a huge black sword Udaeus Black Sword 37 Sword Oratoria Volume 02
Flame Rock (フレイムロック) A rock monster Kaenseki 44 DanMachi Volume 04
Fomoire (フォモール) A goat monster that can form huge groups 49 Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Balor (バロール) The Monster Rex of the 49th Floor 49 Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Black Rhinos (ブラックライノス) A rhinoceros monster that walks on two legs Black Rhinos Horn 51 Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Deformis Spider (デフォルミス・スパイダー) A large spider monster that is red and purple. It has eight legs and multiple eyes 51 Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Cadmus (カドモス) A strong dragon monster that is the strongest monster on the 51st Floor. Aside from Monster Rexes it is one of the strongest monsters Cadmus Hide 51 Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Virga (巨蟲(ヴィルガ)) Green caterpillar like monster that can shoot dissolving liquid. Virga have a different colored Magic Stone than normal monsters. It explodes upon death. 50-51 Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Venom Scorpion (ヴェノム・スコーピオン) A huge scorpion 52 Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Thunder Snake (サンダー・スネイク) A thunderous snake 52 Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Silver Worm (シルバー・ワーム) A large silver snake 52 Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Ill Wyvern (イル・ワイヴァーン) A bluish purple flying dragon that is three meters long counting the tail 56 Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Valgang Dragon (ヴァルガング・ドラゴン) A large red dragon that can get up to ten meters when standing on both legs 58 Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Titan Alm (タイタン・アルム) A large plant monster that will eat allies and foes alike 59 Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Demi Spirit (精霊の分身(デミ・スピリット)) The Demi Spirit refers to monsters that have been parasitized by the Jewel Fetus. All Demi Spirit have the body of a monster on the bottom half and a body of a woman with heavenly beauty on the upper half. Revis referred to the Demi Spirit in volume 7 as Gugalanna (天牛型(グガランナ)), which suggests that each one has a specific name based on their appearance and abilities 59
Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Behemoth (ベヒーモス) The king of the land. A monster that escaped the Dungeon in ancient times, it was defeated by the Zeus Familia Surface DanMachi Volume 06 (mentioned)
Leviathan (リヴァイアサン) The overlord of the seas. A monster that escaped the Dungeon in ancient times, it was defeated by the Zeus Familia. Its remains were later used in the process of sealing the underwater dungeon entrance near Melen Surface DanMachi Volume 06 (mentioned)
Black Dragon (黒竜) A one eyed dragon. A monster that escaped the Dungeon in ancient times, it defeated the Zeus Familia and is still alive Surface DanMachi Volume 06 (mentioned)
Nidhogg (ニーズホッグ) Surface Sword Oratoria Volume 07 (mentioned)
Unicorn (ユニコーン) An extremely rare monster that is very rarely encountered even by high level adventurers Dungeon
Sword Oratoria Volume 01 Booklet
Metal Rabbit (メタルラビット) Metal Rabbit Fur DanMachi Volume 02 (mentioned)
Mad Beetle (マッドビートル) A medium sized beetle monster that walks on two legs DanMachi Volume 05
Dungeon Fly (ダンジョン・フライ) A bug type monster with no strength. It emits a green light DanMachi Volume 07
Ogre (オウガ) A large demon monster DanMachi Volume 07
Gargoyle (ガーゴイル) DanMachi Volume 09
Lamia (ラミア) DanMachi Volume 09
Gryphon (グリフォン) DanMachi Volume 09
Arachne (アラクネ) DanMachi Volume 09
Kelpie (水獣鳥(ケルピー)) Kelpies are described to have a beautiful mane of blue hair DanMachi Volume 10
Armarosaurus (武装竜(アルマロサウルス)) Armarosauruses have three heads, spikes across their body, and a club like tail DanMachi Volume 10
Old Bison (オールド・バイソン) Old Bison Hide DanMachi Volume 12 (mentioned)
Juggernaut (ジャガーノート) The Juggernaut spawns as a part of the dungeon's defense mechanism every time excessive damage is done to the dungeon itself. It has tremendous strength and speed with armor that can reflect magic DanMachi Volume 13