Rakia is a nation type Familia led by Ares. It includes the Ares Familia at the top with the Familias of several Subordinate Gods underneath.


Rakia is a Familia that likes fighting and often starts wars with other cities and countries. They used to have the power of Crozzo's Magic Sword until they burned down several Elf forests which angered the Spirits. The Spirits destroyed their Magic Swords and made them unable to make more. Before this Rakia used to have enormous power but after they kept on losing.

Rakia contains 60,000 members and it is said to be the largest and most complicated Familia. Soldiers and military personnel have the Falna while everyone else is a noncombatant. The king serves as the leader of the Familia under Ares. Soldiers are Level 1, commanding officers are Level 2, and generals are Level 3.

Rakia has rich green land. It also has a huge castle, and castle city at the capital city which is known as Valua (バルア). The Rakia emblem is a hero dressed in heavy armor.

Rakia is comprised of Ares at the head with several Subordinate Gods that serve under him which allows him to have a massive army under his command. These Subordinate Gods were once the head of a separate Familia until they were absorbed by Rakia following their defeat.


Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
PhobosGodGodGodNoneLeft Familia
Martinus RakiaHumanKingKingNoneActive
Marius Victrix RakiaHumanCrown PrinceAres Familia CaptainUnknownActive
Garon CrozzoHumanSmithNoneUnknownActive
Vil CrozzoHumanSmithNoneUnknownActive
Welf CrozzoHumanSmithNone1Defected


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