Japanese レイ
 Romaji Rei
• Characteristics•
 Race Xenos
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Gold
 Eye Color Blue
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Xenos
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Volume 9

Ray (レイ) is a Siren Xenos.


Ray has golden feathers and blue eyes. She is described to be just as beautiful as Wiene. Ray's feathers have blue tips and she wears clothing similar to an Amazoness.


Ray sometimes talks in a smattering way. She is also known for her beautiful singing voice which caused her to become a rumor among some adventurers.


Volume 9Edit

On the 20th floor, Bell and the others made their way to the room specified by the map included within the envelope. The room had nothing in it which confused them. At that moment, the party heard singing coming from a hidden passageway in the room. They headed down the passageway and ended up in a room with a spring. Mikoto noticed golden feathers on the water and figured out that they could swim through the spring to a place on the other side. Following her, they swam through the spring, ending up in a large cavern like room. Suddenly, the party was attacked by multiple monsters. Not being able to see them in the darkness, the party struggled to fight them while they protected Wiene. Lili thought of an idea and threw out the Akarigoke that she obtained on the 19th floor. Thanks to the light source the party was able to fight back, although the difference in strength and numbers proved to be extremely difficult. The party repeatedly tried to protect Wiene from the attacking monsters, especially from a red Lizardman. While trying to protect Wiene, Bell charged Argonaut for five seconds and unleashed a powerful punch at the Lizardman which sent it flying.

The Lizardman started laughing in its own tongue before switching to the Human language. He was impressed at the fact that the party tried to protect Wiene from harm. Ray appeared next to the Lizardman, reminding him that she told him that they were different that the others. The Lizardman agreed and apologized to the party, introducing himself as Lyd. Lyd decided to call Bell as Bellcchi and shook hands with him. At that moment, all of the monsters in the room cheered. Most of them came over to Bell to shake hands with him. Eventually, while interacting with Arles, Wiene's jealousy reached its limit. She ran out from her hiding spot behind Bell and told Arles that Bell was hers. The Harpy Ray asked for her name, causing Wiene to introduce herself. Ray welcomed Wiene, something which the others all agreed on. Bell asked Ray what exactly they were to which Ray answered that they were known as Xenos.

After the introductions, Lyd ordered the others to prepare a feast to celebrate the arrival of Bell and the others. Although most of the Xenos were having fun, some of them still doubted Bell and the others. Gros told Lyd to stop the nonsense but Lyd simply told him that Bell and the others were their friends. Seeing that Lyd wasn't going to listen, Gros and his group ignored the others. The feast continued with Lyd ordering Ray to sing while the others danced. At that moment Fels appeared. Fels introduced himself to the party, revealing that he had been watching them. Lili asked if he was also a Xenos, causing Lyd to answer that he was a former Human, with Fels himself taking off his hood to reveal a skeleton head. Lyd told them that Fels was the Sage that once made a stone that granted immortality. Lili immediately reacted while Bell was equally awed to meet a legend. Welf asked why someone like him was in Orario and Fels told him that Ouranos had scouted him when he arrived in Orario.

Fels explained that he first met the Xenos fifteen to sixteen years ago. He explained that they had a give and take relationship with Ouranos, with both sides helping the other. Lyd brought up the fact that Wiene could speak the Human language extremely well, hinting that she may have remembered how to speak from her previous life. Fels revealed that all Xenos had the longing to reach the surface, something that may have influenced themselves. However, Lyd instructed Bell to kill any monster that attacked him, even if the monster spoke, reminding him to put his life in priority. Soon the feast ended and the party readied to leave with Fels. Wiene tried to leave with them but Lyd held her back, telling her that going with them would only cause them more trouble. As they readied to leave, Fels revealed the existence of those who hunted the Xenos.

Volume 10Edit

A while after the incident with the Ikelos Familia, Gros had the other Xenos assemble for an emergency meeting, informing them of what happened to Ranye's group and breaking their communication stone with Fels in the process. Many of the Xenos, including those in Lyd's group, were infuriated by the news, unable to bear the treatment they received from the Humans any longer. Lyd tried to reason with him but was talked down, causing Gros to leave with most of the Xenos. Giving in to his anger, Lyd ordered the remaining Xenos to come with him, and ordered Arles to fetch "him" from the village they had originally planned to go to.

Arriving on the 18th Floor, the group saw the ruins of Rivira, and Ilta directed everyone's attention to the flying Xenos who were on their way to the eastern side of the floor. Shakti ordered Modaka to take a handful of people to Rivira while she would take everyone else to the forest to follow the armed monsters. Upon reaching the forest, Shakti's group was shocked to see the Xenos fighting monsters, though they quickly prepared to tame them.

Inside a bush overlooking the battle, Ryuu, Asfi, and Aisha analyzed the situation, with Ryuu commenting that the Xenos were used to battle, noting that the Lizardman, Harpy, and Gargoyle seemed to be the strongest out of all of them. Asfi ordered the other two to not join the battle, however both ignored her words, leaving to join the battle after dumping the Hades Hats they had been wearing, causing an annoyed Asfi to recover the items. With Ryuu and Aisha's assistance, Shakti's group began to fight back. A little ways away, as Bell was fighting a Lamia, his hood was ripped off, revealed his appearance to everyone around. Immediately, Lyd set his sights on him, demanding to know why he was there, all the while removing him from the battle.

While the others fought the Xenos, Fels tried to reason with Gros, with the Gargoyle telling him that they would comply if Fels had Shakti's group withdraw. Seeing that he couldn't, Gros referred to him as one of them, then ordered the Xenos to help him locate the entrance while leaving Ray and a group behind to keep Shakti's group busy.

Seeing that Bell wasn't going to forgive him, Dix told him both of them were similar in a way in that they killed monsters to earn money. Bell didn't try to prove him wrong, instead pointing out that the Xenos could talk just like Humans could, causing Dix to come up with an idea. He led him to a room past the large room where Wiene was kept, then asked him what would happen if the stone on her forehead was removed. Ignoring Bell and Wiene's pleas, Dix removed the stone from her forehead, her body immediately beginning to return to its original form, enlarging to a total size of seven meters. Wiene, now out of control, attacked Bell, the force of the attack sending him all the way back to the large room. As everyone else in the room was shocked at Wiene's appearance, Dix arrived moments later, telling Bell to forget about being nice about monsters.

Ignoring his words, Bell attempted to approach Wiene, who he realized was searching for him even after reverting to her original form. Despite being rejected multiple times, he continued to approach her, eventually succeeding in getting her to cry, although the fear caused her to reject him again. Unimpressed by Bell's actions, Dix began attacking him again, claiming that he should've cut its stomach open with the Hestia Knife. Bell rejected Dix's words, saying that a cry for help was all he needed to help someone, causing Dix to label him a hypocrite and a bat instead of a rabbit. However, before he could kill Bell, Lyd attacked Dix from behind, his mind clear of the curse thanks to Bell's words. The two began to overwhelm Dix, with Bell beginning to charge up Argonaut, and he unleashed a 20 second Argonaut strike straight to Dix's chest, sending him flying, effectively releasing those affected from the curse.

However, Bell soon realized that his Argonaut strike hadn't broken the curse, but rather Dix had intentionally released the curse himself to withstand the attack. Just as he feared, Dix soon got back up, though Bell's attack did do tremendous damage to his body. Slowly backing away from an advancing Bell and Lyd, Dix used the stone he took from Wiene's forehead as a shield, throwing it down a passageway that was still under construction, and used the distraction to cast his curse on Wiene. He then sent her through a passageway leading out to the surface, explaining to the others that she was currently chasing after an illusion of Bell Cranel, telling them that a monster like Wiene on the surface would definitely be killed. Dix himself escaped through a different passageway which he shut before Gros could reach him.

After asking for Wiene's stone, Bell chased her up the stairs, with Fels following him soon after. At that moment Ray and the other Xenos joined them, prompting the Xenos to discuss their next course of action, eventually coming to an agreement to help Bell save Wiene, leaving behind their only key for the Minotaur Xenos.


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