Riveria Ljos Alf Artwork


Magna AlfsEdit

Magna Alfs (マグナ・アルヴス) is Riveria's silvery white staff made from mithril and holydite that is hard enough that it can also be used as a weapon. Made by Altena after Loki ordered for it to be created, it is a first class mage weapon of very fine quality, enough to be considered one of the five best staves in the entire world. Nine magic treasure stones are embedded at the head.


Fairy King's Holy RobeEdit

Fairy King's Holy Robe (妖精王の聖衣) is a robe that contains the fibers of the sacred royal tree in the High Elf Forest, making it highly resistant to magic. The base of the robe is a dress that Riveria was wearing when she left the High Elf Forest. She originally tried to give it to Aina Tulle but it eventually turned into a piece of first class armor.

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