Ais WallensteinEdit

Riveria has known Ais since she was only 7 and has taken the role of a mentor and motherly figure during Ais' earlier years. Her care for Ais has been shown through her anger and concern when Ais (as a child) overexerted herself resulting in her being bedridden for three days, throughout which Riveria sat by her bed to watch over her.

Lefiya ViridisEdit

Riveria acts as a mentor for Lefiya, requiring her to study and train her use of magic, with the promise that Lefiya will one day succeed her.


Despite Loki being her Goddess, Riveria treats Loki in a nonchalant manner outside of serious events due to Loki's rather childish demeanor evident by her frequent teasing of Riveria, affectionately calling her "Mommy". Riveria finds this behavior to be annoying but still retains high respect for Loki as her superior.

Finn DeimneEdit

As a deputy leader of the Loki Familia, Riveria has a very good working relationship with Finn- the two often discussing the actions of the younger members of the Familia between each other and Gareth. The two speak casually with each other in the midst of danger and also work seamlessly with each other in combat, coming to each other's aid and supplementing each other's attacks without a single word spoken between them. In the past, the two were shown to not get along with each other and Gareth, often arguing amongst the three of them.

Gareth LandrockEdit

Riveria has a very good working relationship with Gareth, often discussing the actions of the younger members of the Familia with him and Finn. In the past, the two used to not get along, often arguing between the due to their different races, however, that has since changed to a friendly working relationship.

Eina TulleEdit

Riveria is a friend of Eina's mother, Aina, and they have a positive relationship. Because of this, Riveria allows Eina to be a bit more casual than others, as she is already annoyed with the serious attitude of Elves. However, despite being acquainted, they rarely see each other as both are busy with their jobs.