Sword Oratoria Chapter 3
High Voltage
 Japanese 激闘
 Romaji Hai Boruteeji
 Pages 44
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High Voltage (激闘) is the third chapter of the Sword Oratoria manga.


At the Loki Familia campground, Riveria and the other members were under attack by a huge group of Virga. They fought against the monsters but were overwhelmed due to their ability and numbers. Ais and the quest group returned and began fighting the monsters. During the battle, Tione stabbed her arm into a Virga's body and ripped out its magic stone. However, this caused her to be covered in the defeated monster's dissolving liquid.

Lefiya, Gareth, and Raul returned through a different direction. On the way there, they met a severely injured Tione on the way and helped heal her using Elixirs. Finn also arrived and gave her a cloth to cover herself with. He told her that she would be in trouble when they got back, but Tione was filled with romantic feelings due to being helped by the man she loved. Gareth finished off the last of the Virga in the forest. He looked up at the campground and noted that they were almost done as well.

Riveria and the other mages finished their chants and blasted the rest of the Virga, destroying them all. However, at that moment everyone spotted a new enemy which looked like a huge version of a Virga. Tione and Tiona were shocked at its size and wondered if the monster came from the lower floors. Raul pointed out that if the monster exploded its dissolving liquid would hit a huge area. Finn ordered everyone to retreat, leaving Ais in charge of killing the monster.

Ais left the group to fight the monster. She fought off the target while the others escaped. After seeing the signal to show that everyone else escaped, Ais switched to the offensive to defeat the monster. She quickly overwhelmed the monster using Ariel and defeated it, causing it to explode. Tione, Tiona, and Lefiya worried for her safety, though Ais safely regrouped with them.