Sword Oratoria Chapter 4
First Contact
 Japanese 白兎
 Romaji Faasuto Kontakuto
 Pages 42
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First Contact (白兎) is the fourth chapter of the Sword Oratoria manga.


On the way back, the Loki Familia traveled through the 17th floor. Tione pulled out the magic stone she'd obtained from the Virga. Tiona remarked that it was a different color and wondered why it was different. Ais offered to help Riine with her luggage but she refused, saying that it wouldn't be right for her to make a first class adventurer like Ais do something like that. Bete came over and told Ais that she shouldn't help those weaker than her.

A little while later, the group encountered a large group of minotaurs. Raul tried to take command to fight them but the minotaurs were scared away by Bete, Tione, and Tiona. However, Riveria noted that they were confused and ordered the others to defeat them before they reached the upper floors. Ais and Bete reached the 5th floor and saw a white haired boy being attacked by a minotaur. Ais rushed forward and killed the monster. She turned to help the boy only to see her young self for an instant. She asked if Bell was all right. However, Bell ran off out of embarrassment which Ais misunderstood.

The Loki Familia returned to their home and were greeted by Loki. Loki greeted the members of her Familia while Finn reported their progress. Ais took a shower with Tione, Tiona, and Lefiya. She discussed with them her fears about being scary to others but the others helped her realize that it wasn't how she thought it was.

That night, Ais went to Loki's room to update her status. Loki thought about touching her body but quickly changed her mind after Ais stabbed a knife into the bed sheet in front of her. While updating her status, Loki explained about the status lock and the history behind the status.

Ais returned to her room and expressed her desire to become stronger. She thought of Bell and how similar he was to when she used to be a young girl. Ais wondered if Bell shared the same desire to become stronger like her.