Sword Oratoria Chapter 7
Hetero Carnival
 Japanese 開祭
 Romaji Hetero Kaanibaru
 Pages 49
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Hetero Carnival (開祭) is the seventh chapter of the Sword Oratoria manga.


Loki visited the Ganesha Familia home, I Am Ganesha, to attend the God's Banquet. While there she met Dionysus and Demeter, of which the latter shocked her due to the size difference between their chests. She talked with them for a little while until she spotted Hestia, Freya, and Hephaestus and rushed over to talk to them.

On the day of the Monster Feria, Loki took Ais with her to enjoy it. The two of them visited a café to visit Freya and discuss her intentions. Loki asked about the man she was after and she described him as someone who was frail and weak. Freya saw Bell and immediately left to pursue him. Ais also saw him but decided to keep quiet about it to Loki.

Later on, Ais and Loki heard about the monster escape from the colosseum from Eina Tulle and Misha Flott. Ais went off and killed multiple monsters while Tione, Tiona, and Lefiya joined up with them. The other girls watched Ais fight the monsters and remarked that they wouldn't get a turn while Lefiya was frustrated with her lack of strength. At that moment a new monster appeared and Tione, Tiona, and Lefiya rushed off to fight it. The new monster proved tough to fight and to make things worse it injured Lefiya. The monster was about to eat her when Ais rushed over and saved her.