Sword Oratoria Special Chapter
Sword Oratoria Manga Special
 Pages 8
 Release Date April 13, 2017

Sword Oratoria Manga Special is a special manga original chapter of the Sword Oratoria manga released in celebration of the Sword Oratoria anime. It was first released in the Young Gangan magazine and later included with the eighth volume of the Sword Oratoria manga.


At a hot springs bathhouse, Bell was busy cleaning the area, doing the work as part of the Hestia Familia's job. Soon after, the owner of the bathhouse called out to him, telling him that he could enjoy the hot springs once he was finished. While he was enjoying the hot springs, he heard a familiar voice, and upon looking around the rock he was leaning against he was horrified to see Hestia and Lili entering the hot springs.

As he wondered what to do, he tried backing up, only to bump into Ais who was wearing only a towel. Embarassed, both Bell and Ais immediately submerged themselves in the water, with Bell apologizing for seeing her naked. She explained that Loki had forced the owner to let them into the hot springs before the owner could explain that Bell was inside. Wondering what to do, he realized moments later that he had taken Ais' towel to cover himself.

Hearing his voice, Tione and Tiona noticed that he was there, while across the hot springs Hestia made fun of Lili's lack of breast size. Both sisters weren't concerned that he was there at all, not even making an effort to cover themselves, causing Ais to worry about Bell. Tiona noticed that he was wearing a towel and decided to touch his chest, making him become red faced in an instant. A worried Ais took him away from the sisters, however she accidentally pushed him into Lefiya, making him push her down to the ground. Lefiya wondered what was happening until both she and Bell realized that he was groping her breasts, at which point her anger began rising. Ais knew that she had to do something and knocked both of them out with a chop to the neck. A while later, Lefiya rejoined Ais in the hot springs while Bell left with Hestia and Lili, both wondering what had happened as they had no memory of the incident.