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    Beginner's Luck?

    June 22, 2018 by Angelo Gabrini

    Beginner's Luck? (ビギナーズ・ラック?), SS from Familia Chronicle Episode Ryuu

    "What are you two doing...?"
    It was the pub's break time. As she looked at Syr and Bell playing cards on a round table, Ryuu had a disapproving look on her face. Bell looked up and said "Ah, Ryuu-san" with a forced laugh.
    "I was caught by Arnya-san and the others...I don't really know how to play poker"
    "White hair, avenge us!" "Fight back against her with the luck you won the War Game with! Syr should die!" "It's up to you, Adventurer-kun!"
    Seeing her coworkers get Bell involved in their grudges, Ryuu let out a sigh.
    On the other hand, Syr, who was sitting across from the boy, was smiling and didn't think she'd lose.
    "We've decided that the loser will obey whatever the winner …

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  • Angelo Gabrini

    Sword Oratoria Volume 10 will be released on May 15, 2018. All spoilers should be posted here. Feel free to discuss the volume in the comments below

    Note: Don't read anything below the summary if you don't like spoilers

    The Sword Princess anguished and the Braver resolved himself.

    "If someone cries because of monsters - I'll kill monsters"

    And so, "the day" came.

    An opportunity of fate arrives for the Loki Familia looking for a "key" to the man made labyrinth, an abnormal situation that brings turbulence to Orario. As various forces become involved because of the "armed monsters" on the surface, the long awaited hero will fall - and a new fool is born.

    The Sword Princess anguishes.
    The Braver resolves himself.
    Amidst the battle concerning people …

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  • Angelo Gabrini

    5 YEARS AFTER ~Side Ais~, SS from the DanMachi 5th Anniversary Campaign

    Note: The author differentiates between the current Ais and the dream Ais. The dream Ais is written normally as Ais but the current Ais is referred to with the word "girl" with Ais as the rubi.

    This is a dream.
    Ais realized it instantly.
    A slightly more grown up Ais was on a journey with Riveria.
    It was somewhere other than Orario. They climbed hills, admired the beautiful great plains, and headed for the village with a windmill that was off in the distance. The sky was clear, peaceful, and gentle.
    As Riveria suddenly narrowed her eyes next to her, Ais lips bent in a smile, and the two laughed like a real mother and daughter.
    It was a blissful dream.

    This is a dream.
    Ais reali…

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    A Certain Pub's Sequel

    February 16, 2018 by Angelo Gabrini

    A Certain Pub's Sequel (とある酒場の後日談), SS from DanMachi Light Novel Volume 5

    A night had passed since Ryuu returned from the 18th Floor. After rescuing Bell and the others, she had returned to the Hostess of Fertility.
    "You're pretty unlucky to have to work so soon after coming back"
    "That's not it, Lunoire. This is my actual job, I can't be negligent about it"
    "You're really the way, Mama Mia was in a bad mood after you left, so you should probably stay away from her for a while"
    Early that morning, as Ryuu was preparing the pub while talking with Lunoire and Arnya, she knew she had to apologize to Mia. She knew she caused trouble for Lunoire and the others as well.
    Immediately after she returned, Ryuu reported Bell and the others' re…

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  • Angelo Gabrini

    I'm a Man After All

    February 15, 2018 by Angelo Gabrini

    I'm a Man After All (男ですから), SS from DanMachi Light Novel Volume 5

    "Hey Bell, we heard that you peeked. Why didn't you take us with you?"
    "Huh?" Bell froze after hearing Welf's words.
    Bell had been stopped by Welf on his way back to the tent after apologizing to Hestia and the others. Behind him, Ouka, with his arms folded, nodded in agreement.
    "W-What are you saying, Welf...?"
    "What else would I be talking about? I'm saying that we wanted to peek on them bathing too. Right?"
    "Yeah, I wish I could've seen it too"
    Ouka strongly agreed once again to Welf's words. The two were hitting it off well, stating that peeking was a man's romance, even though they weren't that friendly with each other previously, and seeing this made Bell's face tense. "That…

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