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    A Certain Pub's Sequel

    February 16, 2018 by Angelo Gabrini

    A Certain Pub's Sequel (とある酒場の後日談), SS from DanMachi Light Novel Volume 5

    A night had passed since Ryuu returned from the 18th Floor. After rescuing Bell and the others, she had returned to the Hostess of Fertility.
    "You're pretty unlucky to have to work so soon after coming back"
    "That's not it, Lunoire. This is my actual job, I can't be negligent about it"
    "You're really the way, Mama Mia was in a bad mood after you left, so you should probably stay away from her for a while"
    Early that morning, as Ryuu was preparing the pub while talking with Lunoire and Arnya, she knew she had to apologize to Mia. She knew she caused trouble for Lunoire and the others as well.
    Immediately after she returned, Ryuu reported Bell and the others' re…

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    I'm a Man After All

    February 15, 2018 by Angelo Gabrini

    I'm a Man After All (男ですから), SS from DanMachi Light Novel Volume 5

    "Hey Bell, we heard that you peeked. Why didn't you take us with you?"
    "Huh?" Bell froze after hearing Welf's words.
    Bell had been stopped by Welf on his way back to the tent after apologizing to Hestia and the others. Behind him, Ouka, with his arms folded, nodded in agreement.
    "W-What are you saying, Welf...?"
    "What else would I be talking about? I'm saying that we wanted to peek on them bathing too. Right?"
    "Yeah, I wish I could've seen it too"
    Ouka strongly agreed once again to Welf's words. The two were hitting it off well, stating that peeking was a man's romance, even though they weren't that friendly with each other previously, and seeing this made Bell's face tense. "That…

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    Fairy Romantica

    February 15, 2018 by Angelo Gabrini

    Fairy Romantica (妖精ロマンチカ), SS from DanMachi Light Novel Volume 9

    "It worked out because you made it in time for the night shift but say something first the next time you skip out on work. It's troublesome"
    Ryuu apologized to Mia and entered the crowded Hostess of Fertility.
    As she had just returned from the dungeon after taking a half holiday due to accepting Bell's request, Ryuu decided she would work hard to make up for the trouble she'd caused.
    "Hey, Elf. You were a great help today"
    While she was dealing with customers, Ryuu narrowed her eyes at the person that'd just come inside. "You're..."
    Antianeira Aisha Belka. She was an Amazoness that had come along with them on Bell's request.
    "Don't worry, I'm just here to drink. I don't plan on talk…

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    Sword Princess VS City Girl (剣姫VS街娘), SS from DanMachi Light Novel Volume 9

    "Ah..." "...?"
    Raising her head due to hearing a voice from ahead of her, Ais saw a light gray haired girl in front of her.
    It was past noon on a certain day. Hearing that a "new Jagamarukun store had opened", Ais had been in the process of making her way through the city to check it out.
    The girl, whose eyes were the same color as her hair, widened them out of surprise, and Ais tilted her head until she realized who the girl was.
    She was an employee at the Hostess of Fertility pub that the Loki Familia often visited. If she remembered correctly, her name was Syr. It took her a while to figure it because Syr was wearing a straw hat, a clean white dress, and was carrying…

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    The Fox Girl's False Accusation (狐娘の冤罪), SS from DanMachi Light Novel Volume 10

    "Wiene, sama..."
    Haruhime, dressed in her maid outfit, was walking down a hallway in the mansion.
    It was the day after the Hestia Familia parted with the Xenos and returned to the surface. The Hestia Familia home, the Hearth Mansion, was filled with feelings of sorrow and emptiness because the dragon girl had gone. Bell, Hestia and the others, and even Haruhime were fighting with indescribable feelings of loneliness.
    She was like a little sister.
    She said Haruhime, Haruhime.
    She repeatedly said her name, followed her, played with her, and at times hugged to feel each other's warmth. Even though she was a monster, the time they spent together was real, and Haruhime fe…

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