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  • Angelo Gabrini

    Note: This was originally Cloudmaster9000's blog that I had to recreate as my blog due to technical reasons. All information shown here is speculation and is not fact unless confirmed by canon material

    This post attempts to guess what the 'overall stats' are, specifically how much level-up affects stats.

    There are two ways I will guess that levelling up might affect stats, static and proportional. The author might have chosen something more exotic, but lets hope he didn't so the guesswork is easy. Static assumes than some LvlBonus number is added to every single stat upon level up, whereas proportional would multiply the stats gained at that level by some static amount LvlBonus.

    Example, Alice the adventurer, who recently reached level two:


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  • Angelo Gabrini

    Sword Oratoria Volume 9 will be released on June 15, 2017. All spoilers should be posted here. Feel free to discuss the volume in the comments below

    DanMachi has now reached over 8,000,000 copies!

    Note: Don't read anything below the summary if you don't like spoilers

    The Rakia Army has dispatched their troops.
    A short while after Bete's actions helped end the Amazoness hunting incident, the Loki Familia mobilizes to intercept the invaders from outside the city.
    As the overly strong adventurers effortlessly destroy the enemy ranks, the girl's unexpected question knocks on the doors of Riveria's memories.

    "Won't you tell us a story about Ais-san's past?"

    This is a secret story of the girl that was famed as the "doll princess" at the time. Ais Walle…

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  • Angelo Gabrini

    DanMachi Volume 12 will be released on May 25, 2017. All spoilers should be posted here. Feel free to discuss the volume in the comments below

    DanMachi has now reached over 8,000,000 copies!

    Note: Don't read anything below the summary if you don't like spoilers

    And so, the boy begins to run again.

    Bell grew after the fight to the death with his rival.
    Rank ups, the Denatus, and aliases. While he gathers the attention of people, Gods, and others in Orario, a single letter is brought to him.

    "A expedition?"
    Bell Cranel has "qualified", now go face your next adventure-
    The order from the Guild leads Bell to a new stage.
    A faction union is formed to conquer the labyrinth.
    Along with the companions he's fought alongside until now, he challe…

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  • Angelo Gabrini

    DanMachi 8 Review

    April 18, 2017 by Angelo Gabrini

    Information will be added once I've taken a look at the volume

    Chapter Titles: The only complaint I have is the lack of consistency between chapters 1 and 3 and chapter 6. I know the title for chapter 6 is slightly different but you might as well use the same words as the similar titles

    Character List: Lili is still listed as a member of the Soma Familia even though the Japanese version changed this in volume 7

    Story: I'm going to skip most of it since I could care less about Mikoto, Lili, Welf, and Eina.

    As usual Yen Press has its problem of using Japanese words when it's totally unnecessary like tenkai and andango. I still don't understand why they're calling Finn "general" either, and like last volume they're using defense instead of endura…

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  • Angelo Gabrini

    Theory About Ais

    April 13, 2017 by Angelo Gabrini

    I've been thinking about this and wanted to post my theory about Ais:

    Ais might be a Demi Spirit like the ones the Loki Familia's been fighting, except that instead of a monster, it's attached itself onto a Human. When the Loki Familia encountered the one in volume 4, no one recognized it as a Spirit except for Ais, even though Spirits are like Gods in which people can tell if they meet one. Ais has Spirit level magic and beauty, yet she's considered to be a Human, so it's similar. Since Spirits can't have children, this works as a way around it

    Aside from her parents being Albert and Aria, I believe that her reaction to the Demi Spirit and her behavior when Revis mentioned Aria prove that it's more than simply having Spirit blood like Welf.…

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