All Purpose Battle Sales Girl Ais (汎用決戦セールスガール・アイズ), SS from DanMachi Light Novel Volume 4

"Hello...I'd like a Jagamarukun"
The Northern Main Street, Jagamarukun stand.
Hestia made an unpleasant face to the golden haired golden eyed Ais standing in front of her.
How many times have you come here, Hestia complained in her mind. In fact, ever since she had visited the stand with Bell during their training, she often came by to buy Jagamarukun.
"Welcome. What's your order?"
"I'd like one Azuki Cream flavor"
She asked her rudely because of her hostility but Ais replied nonetheless.
You sure know your stuff, Hestia thought as she handed her a freshly made Jagamarukun favored by experts. Ais immediately opened her small mouth and began eating. Her beautiful yet cute appearance began to draw the gazes of the male Demi Humans in the area.
This feels unfair, Hestia thought to herself.
"...Hestia-chan, it's a disaster, a disaster!"
A voice similar to a shout reached her ears. When she looked, her coworker that had been gone came back hurriedly. When she asked what happened...
"Apparently the Jagamarukun stand in the east misheard an order and accidentally made a large amount of Jagamarukun! We'll be in the red if we don't sell 1000 of them here!"
"W-What did you say!?"
As she gave a cry of despair, the cart that held the extra Jagamarukun came rushing to the stand. After thinking for a few moments, Hestia turned to Ais who had a puzzled look on her face.
"Wallen-nanigashi, you have to help!"

"...thank you for your order"
"Give me ten, no twenty Jagamarukun!"
"Give me fifty here!"
"Is this the store where Ais-tan is giving out Jagamarukun!?"
"Give me a smile, Ais-tan!!"
A long line stretched from the stand. Seemingly hearing that Ais was working as a salesgirl, not only Demi Humans but also male Gods came to the stand from across the city.
...what's this feeling of defeat, Hestia thought while stricken even though she had decided to focus on profits rather than fame.
"That girl's pretty good! Since it's come down to this, why don't we have her work here?"
"Please don't, Obachan!?"

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