From the third to last line of page 307 to half of page 309

Volume 11 Synopsis

Page 307:
"I want a world where Wiene and the others can laugh!"
His foolish desire made the girl's ears vibrate.
Ais, who'd been shocked, spoke.

Page 308:
"What are you saying...?"
Her gold eyes seemed to tell him that she didn't understand, that she didn't want to understand.
The moonlight that shone on the girl and the darkness that covered the boy differentiated their positions.
Ais shook her head in order to look away from Bell.
"I've had enough...move"
To the Sword Princess who was telling him that their conversation was over, Bell's knees gave way as if his battered body was telling him that it had reached its limit. His gaze was lower than before, nevertheless he looked up at the girl in anguish.
However, he didn't move.
"I won't..."
"Stop it"
"-I won't!"
The two shouted at each other despite never doing so before.
Her hair swaying, Ais closed the distance between them and thrust her sword in front of Bell's eyes.
"I'll cut you"

Page 309:
"It'll hurt a lot. So..."
Awkward words. The girl's final warning.
Even though his throat shivered from the chill emitted from the tip of her sword, Bell still didn't move.
Ais' eyes filled with sadness. Bell's chest overflowed with pain that he couldn't do anything about.
The next moment, the Sword Princess raised the corners of her eyes with willpower and put her strength into her sword.
Bell squinted his eyes at the blinding silver brilliance that reflected the moonlight.