Information will be added once I've taken a look at the volume

Chapter Titles: The only complaint I have is the lack of consistency between chapters 1 and 3 and chapter 6. I know the title for chapter 6 is slightly different but you might as well use the same words as the similar titles

Character List: Lili is still listed as a member of the Soma Familia even though the Japanese version changed this in volume 7

Story: I'm going to skip most of it since I could care less about Mikoto, Lili, Welf, and Eina.

As usual Yen Press has its problem of using Japanese words when it's totally unnecessary like tenkai and andango. I still don't understand why they're calling Finn "general" either, and like last volume they're using defense instead of endurance. They still use written out numbers for levels as well. Phiana should be Fianna. Also, "hitched" isn't a proper translation for omiai as they don't mean exactly the same thing.

Now for the actual chapters. I think I've mentioned this before but Syr doesn't have silver hair. Light gray and silver are similar but aren't the same color, it's easier to visualize this with the anime. There are a lot of mistranslations in the Hostess of Fertility girls' dialogue but I'm too lazy to list them. "You might be too old to start" is incorrect. There are some other mistranslations that I'm once again too lazy to list

I'll continue the rest later

Overall it's a major improvement from last volume which was completely terrible

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