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DanMachi Volume 12

DanMachi Volume 12 will be released on May 25, 2017. All spoilers should be posted here. Feel free to discuss the volume in the comments below

DanMachi has now reached over 8,000,000 copies!

Note: Don't read anything below the summary if you don't like spoilers


Volume 12 Cover

And so, the boy begins to run again.

Bell grew after the fight to the death with his rival.
Rank ups, the Denatus, and aliases. While he gathers the attention of people, Gods, and others in Orario, a single letter is brought to him.

"A expedition?"
Bell Cranel has "qualified", now go face your next adventure-
The order from the Guild leads Bell to a new stage.
A faction union is formed to conquer the labyrinth.
Along with the companions he's fought alongside until now, he challenges a new floor, new monsters, and a new "unknown".



  • Chapter titles are on the volume page
  • Bell is Level 4 and reached it in around 2 months according to Hestia. His rank up reason was a Level 3 standing up to a Level 7 estimated monster and coming back alive, but as Freya pointed out in volume 4 with the Minotaur, the exilia from his fight with Asterius had a special meaning for him
  • He has a new skill, Ox Slayer, and a new development ability, Escape. Both are listed on their pages
  • Asterius was deemed by the Guild to be around Level 7

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