Note: Don't read this if you don't like spoilers

DanMachi Volume 8 is coming out next Monday. They've already started printing more due to the huge demand

Here's a preview look at what's included:

Chapter 1: A Love Song to a War God (とある武神への恋歌)

We see Yamato Mikoto dressed in bard clothes? She's apparently going to perform a love song to Takemikazuchi

Chapter 2: Pallum's Marriage Proposal (パルゥムの求婚)

We see Bell Cranel and Lili together. Lili seems to be going for Bell just like Hestia tried to in volume 6. Look at the expression on Lili's face!

Chapter 3: A Love Song to a Smithing God (とある鍛冶神への恋歌)

We see Mikoto again, this time performing a love song to Hephaestus (and maybe doing some extra work)

Chapter 4: Bodyguard of Love (愛しのボディガード)

We see Bell Cranel and Eina Tulle together. Judging from the chapter title, Bell is apparently protecting Eina for some reason

Chapter 5: The City Girl's Secret (街娘の秘密)

We see Syr Flova standing in front of the Hostess of Fertility. Will her connection with Freya be revealed?

Chapter 6: A Certain Goddess' Love Song (とある女神の愛歌)

We see Bell Cranel, Hestia, and Ais Wallenstein! Ais didn't really get to appear last volume, so it's good to have her back

Other: The two color pagespreads are of Asfi Al Andromeda and Bell Cranel and Hestia

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