Dress Up Ais (着せ替え剣姫), SS from Sword Oratoria Light Novel Volume 1

This is an incident from five years ago when Ais was eleven.
"Ais-tan, since your current clothes seem to be getting small, why don't you change into these clothes?"
At the time, Ais was beginning to stand out as a high level adventurer, and she wore sturdy leather pants along with inners of the same type, on top of which she wore her armor.
Loki sharply pointed out that the area around Ais' chest and buttocks was starting to get tight as she grew, causing her to suggest new clothes for her to wear.
"...aren't these clothes kind of thin? I think the leather clothes are sturdier..."
"No no no, Ais-tan, these clothes are order made. In addition to defensive ability, they stretch and are easy to move around in!"
Pressured by Loki's passionate speech, Ais decided to accept her clothes which were far thinner than what she had worn before. The clothes did indeed stretch just as she claimed they would, also they were light, and they could be used as a battle cloth worn under armor.
"I obtained their new skirt. What, you can see the underwear? That's not a problem if you wear spats!"
From then on, Loki would make Ais wear various clothes while claiming they were the latest battle cloths.
"These are high performance long boots. You have to wear these. I definitely can't yield the absolute territory"
As Ais wore the clothes, she realized that they were gradually starting to show more skin despite being good quality.
"Um...this is a little..."
"No! You have to wear this, Ais-tan! If you don't wear it, I'll bite my tongue out!!"
Before she knew it she had been tricked into wearing clothes that even Tiona would label as daring.
"Nufufufu, that's a sight for sore eyes. Adventurers definitely have to be lightly dressed like this!"
And currently, the present. Seeing Ais' clothes that were similar to a one piece or a leotard, Loki loosened her expression. Despite getting used to it, if someone stared at her intently, her open back or sides would become hot as if they were burning from embarrassment.
Loki watched with genuine happiness as Ais became red faced.
"Fuhihihi, Ais-tan. As a matter of fact, I've already gotten an idea for new clothes"
"...what kind of clothes are they?"
Ais questioned Loki who had a disgusting smile.
"A bunny suit!"
Later on, a beaten Loki was found in the inner garden of the Loki Familia home.