Episode Ryuu Cover

Familia Chronicle Episode Ryuu will be released on March 15, 2017. All spoilers should be posted here. Feel free to discuss the volume in the comments below

DanMachi has now reached over 6,000,000 copies and the Sword Oratoria anime will air next month!

Note: Don't read anything below the summary if you don't like spoilers


This is a chronicle of history that a God's children spin-

"The person who bought Anna Claes is associated with the casino"
As usual, trouble occurs at the Hostess of Fertility, the place where the skilled former adventurer Ryuu works.
Upon learning that a certain couple's daughter was kidnapped, Ryuu begins investigating in the name of justice.
What she reached was the labyrinth city's extraterritorial area, the casinos.
In the midst of the golden city where peoples' desires swirl, the Gale's roar breaks out!

"Raise your voices! This is a place where you laugh and eat food!"
Also included is the story of the pub's beginning!



  • The volume has two chapters: Destroy the Grand Casino! and There is a Pub of Fertility ~Girl meets Girls~
  • Chloe is a member of the Njord Familia, and Lunoire is a member of the Demeter Familia. Both are like Mia, in which they are still a part of their Familia but not involved with their work
  • Mia is the former Freya Familia captain and is Level 6 with the alias of Demi Ymir
  • Arnya's alias is Vana Alfi
  • The bonus story takes place sometime after Ryuu's rampage. Chloe and Lunoire are hired to kill Ryuu, and it ends up as Ryuu vs Lunoire and Arnya vs Chloe


1 Bell and Syr play poker at the Hostess of Fertility. Arnya, Chloe, and Lunoire lost miserably to Syr so they have Bell get back at her in their place. He doesn't understand the rules, but he ends up winning with a straight flush and because he didn't let Syr read his hand

2 The SS covers Bell and Ryuu's training from Episode Ryuu chapter 6. Translation blog here

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