Due to the misconceptions some users have had about certain things not properly explained in the anime, I want to point those out and explain them so people can understand them better. More will be added if they are needed

Before I explain them though, DanMachi has now sold over 3,000,000 copies: DanMachi Twitter (Japanese)

Hermes' Speech

Hermes and Asfi 9

While Hermes does give a speech after the battle with the Black Goliath, in the actual speech he makes no mention of the Zeus Familia. There is no evidence that Bell was connected to the Zeus Familia

Bell Cranel and Zeus

Bell and Hermes 2

Hermes first mentioned this in his speech when he said, "your grandson, the present you left us", and implied this earlier when Hestia asked him why he came back early. However, Bell is adopted, which means that he isn't related to Zeus by blood. Gods and Goddesses can't have children and because of that there are no Demigods

Yamato Mikoto

Yamato Mikoto Anime 10

While Yamato Mikoto is a member of the Takemikazuchi Familia in volume 5 and episodes 10-13, she joins the Hestia Familia in volume 6 to help them in the War Game

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