Record Holder, Once Again (世界最速兎、再び), SS from DanMachi Light Novel Volume 8

"Eina, Eina, the Little Rookie seems to be topic of conversation among adventurers again!"
Eina gave a vague response to her coworker Misha when she came over.
The Guild headquarters, at night, in the office. As Eina was working at her desk like her coworkers around her, an excited Misha repeatedly tried to talk with her.
"He reached Level 3 in one month! Unlike the previous level up, everyone's saying that he didn't cheat! They said that there was no choice but to admit it!"
"I guess..."
"There are some people that don't like it but there's nothing they can do after being shown his fighting from the War Game! He's being assessed as the real thing! Eina, your younger brother's finally been accepted!"
"I see..."
"Hey! You're not listening, Eina, what have you been writing?"
Misha pouted at Eina who kept on giving her vague answers.
Eina had been writing something on parchment, the quill pen making noise as it moved.
"It's Bell-kun's activity log as an adventurer..."
"Isn't that the rank up reference model that's released to other adventurers?"
Yes, Eina answered as Misha peered into the parchment.
The Guild often released the activity logs of adventurers that have ranked up as reference. After making sure that no information harmful to the Familia of the adventurer in question is released, the information is used to raise the overall ability of adventurers.
After putting the quill pen down, Eina looked down at the completed report.

"Advance to the middle floors ten days after reaching Level 2, arrive at the 18th floor on your first day there, then not only overcome a baptism from other adventurers but also fight against a Monster Rex twice over and win. On the surface, survive an attack from a high ranking Familia, win a War Game despite a large difference in numbers, and lastly defeat a Level 3 adventurer head on in a one on one fight"

"Yup, this is impossible"
Eina nodded with an expression of realization while she looked down at the model she created.
The boy's tracks, or rather his conflicts seemed to tell adventurers to "go die". It was the same as the report for when he became Level 2.
Eina still submitted the activity log to her superior as she had nothing to lose.
Just as she suspected, Bell Cranel's information release was rejected and his model was shelved for the second time.