Sword Oratoria Volume 5 comes out this Wednesday, October 14. All spoilers should be posted here. Feel free to discuss the volume in the comments below

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The Loki Familia begins their return home after the battle on the 59th floor.
However, on the way there, they are forced to rest on the 18th floor after encountering an irregular situation in the dungeon
On the floor was the white haired boy that Ais desired to meet again...
Ais and the others were interested in the Record Holder for the fastest level up, though there was one Elven girl that fell further into a bad mood.
Lefiya was trying to contain herself - however, her anger exploded following the boy's actions!
"Wait up!"
That adventurers' brief moment of calm!


Sword Oratoria Volume 5 Illustrations
  • Bete Loga's status added. His skill names are confirmed
  • The one who gave Mikoto her alias was Dionysus
  • The Gods/Goddesses gave the falna to bring forth heroes
  • Ottar managed to half kill a Balor (49th floor floor boss) while on an expedition by himself
  • Lefiya is an honor student from the school and joined the Loki Familia at Level 2
  • Ais is confirmed to have Spirit blood. Apparently in a book Zeus wrote for Bell, it says that the Spirit Aria, who was with the Hero Albert Waldstein, had a child. It's still unknown how this happened since Spirits can't have children
  • Apparently the Head God of Evilus is able to allow people to meet the dead (perhaps Hades?)
  • Next volume focuses on Tione/Tiona and will come out around the same time as DanMachi Volume 10 (maybe a second season?)


1 Ais watches Tiona having a playful attitude around with Bell and has a mysterious feeling. She manages to join the conversation but becomes red faced

2 Lefiya and Tione have a discussion on how to get rid of enemies that go near the person they like (Ais in Lefiya's case, Finn in Tione's case). They agree to curse them and Lefiya uses the dead body of a rabbit to make a curse charm. Finn asks Gareth for help in stopping them but is told to do it himself

3 Ryuu visits Riveria while she's bathing and offers her water that Elves like as a sign of respect. Once she leaves, Riveria wonders who the masked adventurer was

4 Bete threatens the Hermes Familia about their not reporting level ups to make them help gather antidotes