Sword Oratoria Volume 6 will be released on June 14, 2016. All spoilers should be posted here. Feel free to discuss the volume in the comments below

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"A momentary rest for fighting girls! Lake bathing instead of sea bathing!"

The Loki Familia goes outside of Orario!
After returning from their latest expedition, Ais and the others head to the port city of Melen to search for the second entrance to the dungeon.
Avoiding attempts from an ulterior motive filled Goddess, the girls rest at a blue lake.
However, a ship from foreign lands brings trouble to the town.

The Familia of the Goddess of fighting and slaughter, the Kali Familia.
Tione and Tiona's unpleasant fate. Amidst the threatening shadows, the twin sisters come face to face with their vexing past.
"I want to see the future of fighting"



  • As shown in DanMachi Volume 10, Tione, Tiona, and Bete level after their most recent expedition, which is the one in Sword Oratoria 4/5.
  • Lefiya also levels but decides to postpone her official level up until she reaches a higher stat in magic while she is still Level 3
  • Only two people have ever reached Level 7, one being Ottar and the other currently unknown
  • The Kali Familia is the first (and probably only) Familia shown in the series to have two captains
  • There used to be an underwater entrance to the dungeon that was sealed by the Zeus/Hera Familias along with the Leviathan's drop item and the Poseidon Familia's help
  • The Kali Familia trains by fighting as if to kill each other, and Argana and Bache are Level 6 (power inflation!)
  • The Ishtar Familia appears with Haruhime
  • They use curses on Ais to practice for the Ottar battle
  • Phryne's First class armor is destroyed
  • Amazonesses addicted to fighting can fall in love with strong men who defeat them
  • The end of volume status for Volume 6 is Riveria Ljos Alf


1 Tione/Tiona SS: After the events in volume 6, Ais, Lefiya, Tione, and Tiona encounter Kali and Bache at the place they went to eat at. The twins feel a sense of rivalry and order a lot of food after seeing Bache eat a lot

2 Bache SS: After the events in volume 6, Bache wakes up to find that the entire Amazoness army had fallen in love with the men of the Loki Familia that had defeated them (see spoiler section above)

3 Ais/Riveria SS: When Ais was 7, she called Riveria an "old woman", making her tie adamantite to her and throw her in water while calling it "swimming training". This later leads to Ais' fear of swimming