Sword Oratoria Visual

Sword Oratoria Volume 7 will be released on December 15, 2016. All spoilers should be posted here. Feel free to discuss the volume in the comments below

DanMachi has now reached over 6,000,000 copies and the Sword Oratoria anime has been confirmed to air April 2017!

Note: Don't read anything below the summary if you don't like spoilers


Having gained clues in Melen, the Loki Familia begin their investigation of Daedalus Street.
After finding their base, Ais and the others were about to hunt down the remnants of Evilus when-

"The Man Made Labyrinth Knossos...become the foundation of the ancestral masterpiece"
An unprecedented persistence of evil bares its fangs.
A cursed clan, the hero's destiny, the appearance of the last Evil God, and the return of the red haired creature.
The nest of evil is now bringing Ais and the others their greatest crisis.

"Goodbye, Loki Familia. Have a good nightmare"



  • The volume begins at the same time as DanMachi 7
  • Riine dies
  • Valletta is Level 4
  • The Thanatos Familia member Barca is a descendant of Daedalus and has the D eye
  • While they are lost in the Daedalus Street, the Loki Familia find themselves in Knossos as a part of the Thanatos Familia's trap. Finn becomes injured and the Familia is separated, forcing them to fight the enemy in groups
  • Revis is confirmed to be stronger than Level 7 by this point
  • The battle between the Loki Familia and Evilus/Thanatos Familia doesn't conclude in this volume
  • The end of volume character status is Gareth Landrock
  • According to the author, volume 8 will feature Bete


1 Lefiya SS: Lefiya's feelings toward Bell after the War Game are shown, such as thinking he's cool but also finding faults. At the end she reaffirms him as her rival

2 Bell/Tiona SS: Out of excitement over the War Game, Tiona hugs Bell from behind, who points out that her breasts are touching him. As she'd been made fun of for being flat chested in the past, she appreciated the fact that he didn't say anything like that and pressed herself against him

3 Tione/Tiona SS: Tiona mentions that recently a snake like Amazoness (Argana) often comes to Orario to see her "destined man" (Finn). Tione becomes angry when she hears that Finn's being chased around

4 Bell/Ais SS: Ais goes to meet Bell with flowers, and because of this he wonders if she's going to confess, but she just wanted to know how to rank up so fast