The Battle on the Night of the Decisive Battle (決戦前夜の攻防), SS from Sword Oratoria Light Novel Volume 4

"T-Tione-san, are we really going to sneak in...!?"
"Just for a little bit, we'll leave after we see the captain's sleeping face...!?"
(She's definitely going to sleep in there...!)
The camp on the 50th floor of the dungeon. Maneuvering around the eyes of the guards, Tione, along with Lefiya who had been forced to come, made their way around the base camp.
Their destination was the headquarters, the large tent in which the captain slept in.
It was the night before the attack on the unreached floors. Seemingly unable to stop the surge of blood at the prospect of exploring the deep floors the following day, Tione decided to sneak into the bedroom of her loved one. Lefiya, who was supposed to sleep in the same tent as her, was lamenting why she had to follow along.
As she followed the Amazoness who was uttering an eerie laugh, she imagined a future in which the captain was being used as a body pillow, at last ending up at their destination.
Ignoring Lefiya's pleas to reconsider, Tione quickly entered the dark tent.
", what did you two come here to do?"
However, what awaited them in the headquarters wasn't a sleeping Pallum but rather a High Elf that looked at them with a freezing gaze.
"W-wait, where's the captain...!?"
"He said that his thumb ached so he moved to a different tent. Even though it's the night before the attack...!"
"I had no intention of doing that...!"
Riveria's anger fell down upon an upset Tione and a crying Lefiya.
With Tione's cry, both girls were forced back to their tent and then forced to sleep.

"So, are you really going to sleep in my tent, Finn?"
"Yes. It might be an inconvenience but please, Tsubaki"
On the other hand was Finn who had moved to the Hephaestus Familia tent after sensing danger. Gathering the gazes of the male and female smiths, he requested permission to stay for the night from Tsubaki with an expression that looked like he was holding back a sigh.
"I'll have you be my body pillow as payment"
That was the Braver's blunder of a lifetime.