The Night Before the Decisive Battle for Me and You (女神と眷族の決戦前夜), SS from DanMachi Light Novel Volume 6

Level 2 Strength: SS1088 Endurance: SS1029 Dexterity: SS1094 Agility: SSS1302 Magic: A883
(It's gone up a lot...)
Sitting on Bell Cranel's back, Hestia had a complicated expression while she look down at his status. Two days before the War Game. Taking account of the time necessary to travel the following day, Bell returned to the Miach Familia home, the location the two set as their base.
Although she didn't ask beforehand, she realized that he must've been trained by Ais considering his large growth. It was similar to the values from Bell's last status update as a Level 1 around a month earlier. Hestia wondered if there wasn't any ability rating over SSS while she looked at his unbelievable agility stat. She decided not to tell him as it might become a problem.
"...well, Bell-kun, why don't we sleep together. Just the two of us"
"Yes, of - wait, what!?"
"This is the only bed remaining"
It was a bald-faced lie. It was a scheme out of jealously toward the rich days Bell must've spent with Ais. Bell declared that he would sleep on the floor but was convinced into sleeping on the bed after Hestia pointed out that being fatigued wouldn't help. The two experienced no interruptions, likely because Miach and the others were sensible.
In a room without a light, the two laid together on the narrow bed.
"...Bell-kun, do you hate me?"
The excitement and nervousness lasted only for a short while. Hestia questioned Bell while she faced away.
Hestia had been the one that accepted the War Game. While she had no intention of losing, it was her that placed all of the responsibility and burdens on Bell and the others. This could potentially be the last night they spend together in Orario.
Bell, who was lying on his back, answered with a no after some consideration.
"I want to win against them"
Turning to the boy who firmly gazed upward, she gave him a smile once she stopped.
"You're becoming much cooler..."
After telling him that it was nothing, Hestia brought her face to Bell's shoulder. Her face reddening, she whispered for him to try his best, to which he answered that he would.
As they fell asleep, the two of them entwined their fingers, spending the night before the decisive battle together.

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