The Whereabouts of the Secret Meeting (密会の行方), SS from Sword Oratoria Light Novel Volume 3

Loki Familia home, the office. The captain Finn and the vice captain Riveria Ljos Alf talked while Finn worked through a pile of documents.
"The entire Familia's gotten worked up thanks to Ais"
"I did say it's a good thing that the morale's risen, but..."
Riveria sighed, prompting Finn to smile wryly at her. Everyone had been affected by Ais' Monster Rex solo kill, and despite being days before the next expedition, many members including Tione and Tiona were busy training.
"Well, I understand Tiona and the others' feelings...I would like to move my body if it was allowed"
Finn grasped a steaming cup and put it to his lips. He gave a meaningful glance to Riveria while hinting that he wanted to train just like the other members.
"How about it, Riveria? Do you want to have a practice match for the first time in a while?"
"...with a mage like me? You should ask Gareth instead"
"Gareth apparently has a previous engagement with Bete. He turned me down earlier"
As he shrugged his shoulder, Riveria, who had been looking through the documents, gave a sigh. She then closed her eyes and laughed.
"I'm available tonight"
"All right, leave your door open. I'll visit you tonight"
The two softly laughed as their desire to train like the others became apparent.

"I'm available tonight...""All right, leave your door...I'll visit you tonight..."
Just as they arrived to submit a report, Lefiya and a few other lower ranked members became red faced after hearing the conversation from inside the room.
"The captain and Riveria-sama...!?"
"Well, both of them are usually together...!?"
"The rumors of them being in love with each other must be true...!"
"Hey, Riine, your voice is too loud!?"
Gathering in a circle, the girls of different races let their imaginations run wild. Due to the shock and excitement, they were unable to sense the presence of someone until it was too late.
"...what was that just now?"
Right next to the girls stood Tione with all the light gone from her eyes. As the girls trembled in fear, Lefiya tried to tell her that it must've been a mistake, however her words didn't reach Tione.
Later that night, an attacker would force their way into a secret meeting by the name of training.

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