There are Things Even a Saint Doesn't Understand (聖女にもわからないことがある), SS from Sword Oratoria Light Novel Volume 4

"Um, Airmid...are you busy?"
The Dian Cecht Familia healer Airmid tilted her neck toward the girl that visited her.
The sun had already set. While in the process of closing her Familia's store, she was approached by the first class adventurer she was friendly with, and while wondering why she was here she led her to a room to talk with her alone.
Aiz, who had an expedition several days later, revealed the reason why she visited Airmid this late in the day.
"Can you teach me how to...treat adventurers' wounds?"
"Are you referring to first aid? I don't mean to promote sales, but wouldn't a potion work just fine?"
"I don't want him to use a potion that much..."
Hearing her mentioned something about training, Airmid seemingly understood that situation and agreed to her request while laughing.
Even if she was only around 150 cm, Airmid was still a 19 year old girl. She had often accompanied her Famila's party into the dungeon as a skilled healer and was a Level 2. When she assisted a multiple Familia alliance intent on defeating a Monster Rex, she supported the crumbling front lines by herself while braving the danger, earning her the alias Dea Saint.
As a healer, she was genuinely happy that Aiz came to see her because she was older.
"Um, Airmid, uh, well..."
"If you have something to ask then please do so"
Smiling kindly similar to a saint just like her alias, Aiz gathered her resolved and asked Airmid.
"Can you teach me the proper way to give a lap pillow?"
Airmid froze at the completely unexpected question. She had been given a lap pillow by her parents but the only time she ever gave one was to a Unicorn. Because of this, she had no idea what a proper lap pillow was.
Airmid became red faced just like Aiz and began to apologize, though she was at a loss for words when she noticed Aiz's look of expectation towards her as a healer and an older person.
Airmid, who had been sweating and moving her gaze from side to side, eventually agreed to her request.
"I-I see...I'll teach you. I'll give an example, so Aiz-san, if you would put your head on my lap..."

"Dian Cecht-sama. When I visited the room earlier, I saw our Airmid giving the Sword Princess a lap pillow"
"I don't understand what you're talking about but why do you have a nosebleed?"
When the elderly God asked the Familia member, he answered that it was a "good scene".
Days later, an exaggerated rumor spread causing male Gods to visit the apothecary while asking if it was the yuri garden, but that's another story.