• Cloudmaster9000

    FanSmashi LN12

    June 11, 2017 by Cloudmaster9000

    FanSmashi - Is it wrong to try to rescue damsels in the hope they will let you smash? Light Novel Fanfic 12

    Prologue: Gods and Blood and Children and Stories

    Bell lay face down on Hestia's bed, with each limb tied to a post.
    "Hestia-Sama, are you sure this is really the way to do a status update? I have been talking to people from other familia-"
    "Silence, Bell-kun!" announced an euphoric Hestia, stretching a long rubber glove over her right arm. "Speak not the secrets of our secret update techniques to other familias!". Bell whimpered quietly as Hestia leaned over to his ear; pressing his face into the pillow she breathed gently by his ear for a few moments before delightedly hissing into his ear "thiss... iss our little ssecret" running her…

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