• DerDoppelganger

    Since my replies tend to turn into megaposts in the blink of an eye, I have decided to post my Danmachi Volume XIV related content here.

    I had to divide my latest post into three parts: replies, brainstorming and a prediction; so here are the latter two.

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  • DerDoppelganger

    Since Angelo is on a well-deserved hiatus from the Wiki, here are Hata's impressions of volume XII:

    "did a first run through of book 12, 360 pages actually takes a bit longer than I expected, but with enough spoiler and discussions I have a semi understanding of the whole book,

    book 12 is a temporary gap stopper for the entire Danmachi series, on the story importance scale I can honest say it ranks last in all 12 books, something the author admits as much, he pretty much invents all those pages after realize he needs something to bridge the next arc, for the sake of “power integrity”, Omori had Bell and his party goes on an adventure to shows that they had GROWN so they can take on tougher enemy, the whole things really can be done in a few …

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    Danmachi Colosseum

    January 11, 2017 by DerDoppelganger

    Here is the Danmachi Colosseum, where hypothetical battles between characters should take place.

    Feel free to use this blog as your own personal battlefield, in order to reduce clutter in the comment sections.

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  • DerDoppelganger

    Making an effort

    December 15, 2016 by DerDoppelganger

    "i like u love Damashi"

    "I, like you, love Danmachi"

    See the difference?

    Now, I'm not pointing at anyone in particular, but could you please make an effort when writing your posts?

    Some of them are quite hard to read, even though the ideas are valid more often than not.

    Showing some consideration for Angelo and us moderators, who have to go through each and every post (with varying degrees of fatigue and sleep deprivation), would be much appreciated.

    It is mostly a matter of spelling (e.g. adventrurer vs adventurer), capitalization (I vs i, proper nouns and the first letter of a sentence / after a period), syntax, punctuation (especially the Oxford Comma) and the much dreaded wall of text.

    It doesn't need to be perfect, since there is a differenc…

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