aka Xero Chill

  • I live in 'ogWarts
  • I was born on July 31
  • My occupation is Wizard
  • I am Male
  • LevelZeroWizard

    Name: Amir Rahk Amari

    Age: 17

    Alias: Sinbad

    Race: Human

    Height: 192cm (6 ft 3")


    Level: 4

    Strength: B785

    Agility: A803

    Dexterity: S998

    Magic: A894

    Endurance: B732

    Hunter: G

    Abnormal Resistance: H

    Escape: I


    Foresight: Increases visibility in less visible situations.

    Opportunist: Increases damage if the target is critically injured or fleeing.


    Teleport: Ease of access to one of three gates set by caster.

    Torch: A flame enchantment.

    Chapter I: The Wandering Spirit.

    A day like any other, the sun peaked over the horizon, the young man removed his face mask and took a swig of his canteen, he close the lid and stuffed it into his rucksack. He had his alias tattooed on his right shoulder. He traversed the desert by noon and hid under an ancient…

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  • LevelZeroWizard

    ‘Ouranos.’ The large man towered over his messenger as he clenched his chair arm. ‘Fels. What is it?’ The god awaited the robed man’s updated report. ‘It appears they have reached the 60th floor.’ The mage removed a crystal ball from his back pocket. An image of the young white haired boy filled the orb. The boy zoomed through hordes of monsters, he swiftly eliminated the enemy vanguard. Loki Familia pursued along with the Freya Familia, they broke through into the forest. They made their way through the trees and found an open area. The edge of the forest interlaced with an open beach area. The beach encompassed the rather large lake, the lake expanded far beyond what the eye could have seen. Since Bell had yet to have determined how far …

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