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    So, this is my own Ais theory. I felt like I should make one after writing it out on Angelo Gabrini's Ais Theory Blog.

    This is my theory.

    Remember, Bell never knew about Ais' personal history; he only read the Dungeon Oratoria, which had a mention of Albert having a child. If Ais really was the child of Aria and Albert, then she must be over a 1000 years old, since the Black Dragon was forced into the skies during Ancient Times.

    And since Ais was probably only 6 or 7 years old when her parents vanished, and over a 1000 years has passed since they did, Ais has be 1006 years old; but she isn't! She's actually 16 years old, so there would be an approximately 990 year gap between the two times. There are two solutions to solving this gap: 1. A S…

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