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    i'm making this blog suit to a comment i made before of a theory i made about danmachi background, just gonna copy it here:

    though if i'm allowed to speculate, the thing at the buttom of the dungeon is probably what ouranos been praying at, to keep calm the dungeon.

    i'm gonna go wild with speculations, i think it's possible that at the buttom of the dungeon might be a god, who was banished from heaven longtime ago. maybe few thousands year ago, when the dungeon 1st appeared on earth,he/she would be the one that created the dungeon, and continuesly, repairing and spawning  monster inside of it using its arcanum powers,  since the rules of the gods dont apply to him, he didnt decend after the agrrement not to use arcaunm on earth was made by t…

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    in this blog i'm gonna speculate about about guild ranking system of the diffrent familias.

    the ranking system seem to be based on 2 factor, the level and the size of the familia.we know from Hestia Familia ranking up that:

    having at least 1 lv2 adventurer grants to the familia the rank H.

    having at least 1 lv3 adventurer grants to the familia the rank E.

    having at least 1 lv4 adventurer grants to the familia the rank D.

    miach familia also only 1 lv2 adventurer (aka naaza) and was rank H, but miach activity sector is in pharmaceutical not dungeon exploration,

    though thses condition are enough but not necessary for r rank up, meaning a familia can rank up to D without having a lvl4 like it is the case for Apollo Familia, they had only a lvl3 capt…

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    Some of You people are interested in the hieroglyphs in danmachi, specially the text inscribed on the hestia knife. Here some pictures and other things i found on internet that might be usefull.

    Some fans in Japan succeeded in translating the hieroglyphs on the knife:

    Side 1:

    Side 2:

    The first three lines:

    The truest of silver and brilliance of mithril, shapes thy body. The true light shall be clouded if touched by oth…

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    Manga References

    May 20, 2017 by Sbh1fr

    Chapters Manga Volumes LN Volumes Episodes
    1-13 1-2 1 1-3
    14-30 2-4 2 4-6
    31-46 5-6 3 7-8
    47-55 7 4 9
    56+ 8+ 5 10-13

    Chapters Manga Volume LN Volume Episodes
    1-8 1-2 1 1-3
    8-14 3-4 2 3-6
    15-29 4-8 3 6-8
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    bell growth history

    May 2, 2017 by Sbh1fr

    hi everyone as you might have guessed from the title, i'm gonna put all the records of Bell's growth in here, all known changes in bell's stats

    dates should be in sync with the timeline.

    update Satus


    Stat Gain time passed note
    -2 49+5+66+98+0=218

    -1 58+5+72+107+0=242 9+0+6+9+0=24 1 week adventure bell from "Campanella of the goddess" Short Story that came with volume4
    0 77+13+93+148+0 =331
    2 week adventurer bell stats gained after 2 weeks of adventure

    1 82+13+96+172+0




    day 0 aquires rare skill:

    "Realis phrase"

    2 120+42+139+225+0




    day 1
    3 221+101+232+313+0




    day 2

    4 403+199+412+521+0




    day 5 stat bell recived while fighting the Silverback.

    5 …

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