Some of You people are interested in the hieroglyphs in danmachi, specially the text inscribed on the hestia knife. Here some pictures and other things i found on internet that might be usefull.

Some fans in Japan succeeded in translating the hieroglyphs on the knife:

Side 1:

Side 2:

The first three lines:

The truest of silver and brilliance of mithril, shapes thy body. The true light shall be clouded if touched by others. Take care, as only one who shares your blood, can draw this blade.

On the edge:

You are the Goddess Hestia’s double. The flame of hearth that splits the shadow, the one who cuts through the path of your master. You are to be the forever companion, protecting your master.

The four lines at the back side of the knife:

The master of blacksmithing, Hephaestus being an Olympic ally of Hestia, to smelt this weapon. Marked by the Faruna, God’s Blade, you are our beloved Familia. Commanded to be equal to the name of Hestia. Share your strength and give glory to the ones who share your blood. The name of your master, Bell Cranel. You become the other half of your master; may you smile together, rage together, cry together, hurt together, travel together, surpass hardships together, grow together. Excelia be your food, sharpen your edge, and reach new height together.

On Bell’s back:

You are the first Familia who shares my blood. Human, of banal birth. Strengthless vessel that holds the all pillars of possibilities. The prosperous race that receives numerous blessing. The pure-breed children that God shaped with their imagination. The undefined brilliance that allowed you to become anyone you wish.