liek the title suggests i like to share some ideas/ speculations about possible future development regarding both danmachi and oratoria series for a started, i think that bell, need to play role in the stories reguarding Ais after few volumes, where bell continue getting stronger till he catches up to Ais in term of strangth and level, while she, along wiht loki familia continue to gather information about evilus, revis and enyo

depends on circumstances, bell either gonna join enyo revis or Ais regarding her story,

we know that Bell wants to help build a world where Xenos and "humans" can coexist in peace, and since, most likely enyo is some sort of xenos, she shares same deam about seeing the sky and the outside world at least. if he can convince her that he's not like other people who unconditionally hate monsters, he might have a chance in pacifying the relations between Ais and Revis.

or Bell might, be enraged by the number of dead caused by revis and her companions, and with Ais help defeat them,

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